pick of

the pick of (something)

The best or most impressive of a group. We only use the pick of the crop when selecting ingredients for a premium range of soups. We're asking for people to submit their artwork, and the pick of the bunch will win a VIP trip to New York City.
See also: of, pick

pick of something

the best of the group. This playful puppy is the pick of the whole lot. These potatoes are the pick of the crop.
See also: of, pick
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The Ducks also have the first pick of the second round (31st overall).
Mitch Kupchak's ``unlikely'' scenario became reality when the Lakers selected Andrew Bynum - who's had a driver's license for a whole month now - with the 10th overall pick of the draft.
But with Portland going for Martell Webster from Seattle Prep with the sixth pick, Toronto's stunning pick of Connecticut's Charlie Villanueva in the seventh spot and Golden State surprising most with Arizona State's Ike Diogu at the ninth pick, there the teenager and his new driver's license were.
Finally, after a long day and night, he was chosen Sunday by the Miami Dolphins with the sixth pick of the fourth round.
Defensive end Dave Ball was chosen with the first pick of the fifth round by San Diego, where he'll be among four draftees competing for a spot in new coordinator Wade Phillips' 3-4 defense.
There was no drama with the first pick of Wednesday's draft.
Denver then turned around and sent their first pick of the second round (33) and next year's second-round pick to Seattle for the rights to Minnesota point guard Bobby Jackson, who was taken by the SuperSonics at No.
Photo: (color) USC defensive tackle Darrell Russell is the likely pick of the Jets - unless they trade down before Saturday morning.
But it was the second round where the bargains were, starting with Darnay Scott, the first pick of the round by Cincinnati.
They also have the 13th pick of the opening round, although they claim they are not trading.
The Jets also have the top pick of the second round, choosing 31st overall, so they could find a receiver there if they don't get Johnson.