pick away

pick something away

to pull or pinch something loose from something. Mary picked the meat away from the bones. He picked away the burrs.
See also: away, pick
References in classic literature ?
He observed too that it opened and widened out into another spacious cavity; seeing which he made his way back to where the ass was, and with a stone began to pick away the clay from the hole until in a short time he had made room for the beast to pass easily, and this accomplished, taking him by the halter, he proceeded to traverse the cavern to see if there was any outlet at the other end.
The journeymen cover up a lot and are hard to break down whereas someone like this will come to win and when he throws his shots I'll be able to pick away at the gaps that he leaves.
The vigil was broadcast across the nation as rescue workers struggled in rain and darkness to pick away unstable debris to reach her.
When those he loves pick away at the thread of tradition, his choices become more and more impossible to make.
Other efforts to pick away at the Driver Responsibility Program were also floated but appear similarly stalled as the session winds down.
He wants to pick away at the mounting allegations that officers were quietly going out of control as they infiltrated activist groups and unions.
We can all pick away at the make-up of the squad and the standard of the opposition, but they beat what was in front of them and played as a team.
The Elite and the Carnival will have the first two picks in the coming Draft, but Blackwater already gave its first pick away.
Inshore, redfish continue to roam the flats and pick away at oyster bars.
1 pick, debunking numerous reports that the rebuilding club was torn between two injured centers or trading the pick away.
They can still counter when necessary, but are now encouraged to pick away at opponents at their own will and convenience.
Obviously they have deficiencies in their defence so we'll have to pick away at that to break them.
And drones can continue to pick away without impediment.
Concentration is important against everybody but Northampton are likely to try to pick away at the corners and will pounce on any slip-ups.
When you're ready for stage one of the butchering process, skin the animal or remove the game bags and pick away as much hair and debris as possible--it is not essential to get it totally clean at this point; that will happen during stage two.