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pick (someone's)

To explore another's ideas through questioning.
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Heading to Miami: Arizona State receiver Derek Hagan, who went to Palmdale High, was selected by Miami in the third round with the 82nd overall pick.
LF, CF, RF receive sign that the pick up is on and to cover the area behind 2nd base for errant throws.
The quarterback who has led the New England Patriots to three Super Bowl titles in six seasons was a sixth-round pick.
The Kings also had the 11th overall pick last season and selected Finnish right wing Lauri Tukonen, 18, who remains unsigned and played last season with Espoo in the Finnish Elite League.
You kept waiting for the announcement that the pick was being traded to some other team for a veteran big man, but it was nothing doing.
Therefore, the Clippers will try to make the most of their pick, even though at 12, they have their lowest first selection since 1997 when they selected Maurice Taylor at 14.
But since the players were swapped and not the picks, the NFL rookie salary pool - which the league allots for each team based on the number and placement of its picks - was calculated as if the Chargers still had the top pick.
January saw more than 400 winning picks with some winners gaining as much as 60%.
Elbert was also an occasional opponent of DeWitt, the Dodgers' second pick.
But with differences in cherry varieties and differences in weather in different spots around Leona Valley, Bonn believes paradegoers will be able to find cherries to pick.
Finally, after a long day and night, he was chosen Sunday by the Miami Dolphins with the sixth pick of the fourth round.
The three stores currently operate under the name of Pick Your Part.
Ely seemed personable, perhaps a mature draft pick because of his age.
The Clippers made no trade on draft day and selected Maryland's Chris Wilcox with the eighth pick and Fresno State's Melvin Ely with the 12th pick.
For instance, Nikoloz Tskitishvili of the former Soviet republic of Georgia, is expected to be a lottery pick and probably will go at No.