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get physical

1. Of a situation, to be or become inclined toward or characterized by sexual physical contact. We dated for a couple of months before things got physical. I was having a great time with her, but I got nervous when it started getting physical.
2. Of a hostile situation, to escalate from a verbal confrontation to outright violence. If the kids start to bicker, you should try to separate them before they get physical. I'm used to them yelling at each other, but I was shocked when the argument got physical.
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 (with someone)
1. . Lit. physical in the use of force against someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) The coach got in trouble for getting physical with some members of the team. When the suspect wouldn't cooperate, the police were forced to get physical.
2. Fig. physical in touching someone in lovemaking. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I've heard that Bill tends to get physical with his dates. I don't care if he gets physical—within reason.

get physical

Make physical contact, either forcefully or sexually. For example, Stop pushing-there's no need to get physical, or Thirteen is too young to get physical in that way. [Slang; second half of 1900s]
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get physical

1 become aggressive or violent. 2 become sexually intimate with someone. 3 take exercise. informal
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He appealed that instead of showing their sympathy with physically disable propel, always encourage them to do something extra ordinary for the society.
Wolverhampton saw the second highest percentage of adults in the area who were physically inactive with 27.
The study sought to established ways of enhancing the information needs of the physically challenges.
Of Springfield's 11 students who were either physically restrained or secluded, 10 qualified for free or reduced lunch.
Even though retail customers do not enter the warehouse, it is physically attached to and an integral part of the facility.
After adjusting for various potential confounding factors such as age, sex, body mass index, smoking, hypertension, hypercholesterolemia, diabetes, family history of cardiovascular disease and adherence to the Mediterranean diet, results confirmed that those occupied in progressively less physically demanding jobs (that is, for each unit increase of the scale) were associated with a 20 percentlower likelihood of acute coronary events (a statistically significant odds ratio of 0.
Fahim Al-Qadasi, media coordinator for the Media Forum for Physically Disabled People, said Al-Baidani was a prominent figure who fought for the rights of the disabled and supported their cause throughout her life.
Physically challenged people are the largest minority group of their kind in the world.
Al Kindi is physically challenged as a result of polio he contracted as a child.
TWO Bahrainis, accused of an arson attack at a scrap yard behind Alba, will be transferred to a medical committee following claims they were physically assaulted.
ISLAMABAD, July 26 -- The Capital Development Authority (CDA) has decided to physically oppose the auction of Sihala Slaughter House by Rawalpindi administration today (Monday).
They were stronger physically and moved the ball well.
Using data from the Youth Media Campaign Longitudinal Survey, researchers found that children's reports of being physically active were "significantly positively correlated" with exposure to the Verb campaign.
Saeed Al Hatami, a physically challenged person, says, Eoe1/4EoSuch behaviour shows lack of apathy and concern for handicapped people.
A couple of nights a week, some of them drive as long as two hours to use this gym dedicated in 1990 by then-Mayor Tom Bradley and the Los Angeles City Council to increase recreation programs and sports opportunities for the physically challenged.