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get physical

1. Of a situation, to be or become inclined toward or characterized by sexual physical contact. We dated for a couple of months before things got physical. I was having a great time with her, but I got nervous when it started getting physical.
2. Of a hostile situation, to escalate from a verbal confrontation to outright violence. If the kids start to bicker, you should try to separate them before they get physical. I'm used to them yelling at each other, but I was shocked when the argument got physical.
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 (with someone)
1. . Lit. physical in the use of force against someone. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) The coach got in trouble for getting physical with some members of the team. When the suspect wouldn't cooperate, the police were forced to get physical.
2. Fig. physical in touching someone in lovemaking. (*Typically: be ~; get ~.) I've heard that Bill tends to get physical with his dates. I don't care if he gets physical—within reason.

get physical

Make physical contact, either forcefully or sexually. For example, Stop pushing-there's no need to get physical, or Thirteen is too young to get physical in that way. [Slang; second half of 1900s]
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get physical

1 become aggressive or violent. 2 become sexually intimate with someone. 3 take exercise. informal
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Physicality served us well for 100-odd years - let's bring some back and teach it properly because our game would be more competitive and our players better protected too.
When the numbers nine and ten play well, invariably the team does so the scrum half needs to direct play and mould the physicality and power of the forwards with the artistry and imagination of the backs.
When you go to play against South Africa - and England's biggest game of the pool games will be South Africa - you are going to need that level of physicality.
By the 1960s," he writes in the appendix, "the conflation of masculinity with physicality and aggression was less pronounced than in the early twentieth century" (p.
At the same time, however, the writer's distinctive emphasis upon miniaturized physicality emphasizes the gap between folk beliefs and Shakespeare's self-conscious reworking of traditional fairylore.
Her partial or total nakedness may not be intended as sexual prowess or availability, but rather as a visualization of physicality that transcends human finitude and flourishes in the spirit.
The text explicitly acknowledges the workings of social practice in contributing to an individual and collective understanding of physicality.
My intention is to give attention to physicality (and aesthetics) as a way of rethinking the classroom transference of information by giving brief attention to an extreme example of this -- attention to the body in the classroom.
I've given up trying to guess what people like," he sighs, "but I think that sculpture has a greater appeal than other media because of its physicality.
Besides describing physicality of the venue as fantastic the magazine even went on to say that Carmen Electra's performance left the crowd wanting more.
It took four months for Terrence Romeo to get back to a PBA court again, and he admitted that he wasn't prepared for the physicality in his return.
I'm a massive fan of physicality and if there's something that is not designed to hurt an opponent, but is designed to intimidate them then I am all for it.
He will bring a high level of physicality to our forward pack as well as increasing our strength in depth in the back row.
Cian is going to be on the bench but I am not sure this is the game to throw him in because of the physicality Northampton have up front," he said.