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*phony as a three-dollar bill

 and *queer as a three-dollar bill
phony; bogus. (*Also: as ~.) This guy's as phony as a three-dollar bill. The whole deal stinks. It's as queer as a three-dollar bill.
See also: bill, phony

(as) phony as a three-dollar bill

and (as) queer as a three-dollar bill
mod. phony; bogus. The whole deal stinks. It’s as queer as a three-dollar bill. Stay away from him. He’s phony as a three-dollar bill.
See also: bill, phony

phony as a three-dollar bill

See also: bill, phony


1. mod. bogus; fake. This money looks phony to me.
2. n. someone or something bogus. Look here, you phony, get out of my office!
3. n. a phone call where the caller hangs up the minute the telephone is answered. No one was on the telephone. It was just a phony.
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Based on the two episodes I've seen, "Survivor" is also one of the emptiest, dullest, phoniest pieces of popular entertainment I've ever beheld.
Carl Fabian, lead counsel for Rider and his fellow plaintiffs, calls lease revenue "the phoniest thing you can imagine.
upped the ante, calling concerns about church and state "the phoniest argument there is.
The Preble's Meadow Jumping Mouse was listed as 'threatened' in 1998 on the basis of the flimsiest of information and the phoniest of junk science; in other words, it should never have been listed at all," said William Perry Pendley of Mountain States Legal Foundation, which sent the so-called "60-day letter" on behalf of itself, its members in Wyoming and Colorado, the Wheatland Irrigation District and Robert Hoff, of Colorado Springs.
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She said of Dawn's marriage to Lenny Henry: "Her constant emphasis on how much sex she and Henry had seemed the phoniest claim of the lot.