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and spoof and card
in. to “fish” for passwords and personal information by trickery, on internet. (Sometimes by setting up a phony URL which people sign in to by giving their passwords or credit card numbers.) They must have been phishing to get my credit card number while I placed an order online.


and carding and phishing 1
n. stealing passwords and personal information on the internet. (see also phish for an explanation.) He set up an evil twin for spoofing at the coffee shop.
See also: spoof

phishing 1

See also: phish
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MarkMonitor's solution to address the specific needs of small- to medium-sized financial institutions is timely since these segments are being more aggressively phished.
MarkMonitor's Phishing Readiness and Response solution is complementary to MarkMonitor's end-to-end, fully outsourced Managed Services solution which provides around-the-clock analysis and near real-time detection of phishing scams for institutions phished more frequently.
In July 2005, 71 brands were reported as being phished, down from a high of 107 different brands being phished in May 2005.
Domain/Pharming protection: All new and existing domains are scanned to protect the organization from being hijacked or phished using variations of domain names
This comes after December's report in which eight of nine other newly phished brands that month were also held by financial institutions.