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and PHAT
mod. good; excellent. (This is essentially a respelling of fat and can have all the senses that fat has. This is not an acronym, although there are a number of proposed acronymic origins.) His new car is really phat.


See phat

phat blunt

n. a fat marijuana cigarette. (Phat is fat.) Man, that’s a phat blunt!
See also: phat


mod. not cool; not PHAT. (A play on fat-free.) We had to read some stupid, phat-phree play by some old homie called Jakespeer.
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Delicatessen - Phatter Platter with nu breaks, dirty bass and phat beats, 8pm to 1am.
The group, which has boasted the likes of Ben E King and Clyde Phatter in its previous incarnations, is still going strong and its current line- up of Patrick Alan,Peter Lamarr,Rohan Delano Turney and Victor Bynoe, will be performing all their classics as they promote their Defintive Drifters greatest hits album.
Phatter, phatter, phatter, phatter, phatter, phatter, yeh
Request Magazine declared the album "brims with the best beats that money can buy," and the New York Post said, "This is a disc for lovers of modern black pop that is phat with ballads and phatter with hip-hop aesthetics.
THIS year's Escape into the Park looks like being phatter and faster than ever before.
At the same venue tomorrow Dave Grooveslave leads and eclectic crew of phatter platter droppers at Delicatessen.