phase out of

phase someone or something out of something

 and phase someone or something out
to work someone or something out of use or service or out of a group gradually. We are going to have to phase you out of the job of treasurer. They phased out the unneeded workers.
See also: of, out, phase
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There is a dollar for dollar phase out of the deduction if your total asset acquisitions for the year exceed $560,000," he advises.
The effect of either immediate repeal or a long-term phase out of the transfer tax on state revenues, Federal revenue, and income tax erosion raises concerns that should be considered and addressed.
The phase out of personal exemptions for high income taxpayers is likewise slated to expire shortly.
The European Union (EU) is approximately five years ahead of the US in (i) the phase out of hydrochlorofluorocarbons (HCFCs), including R-22, (ii) carbon emission standards for greenhouse gases ("GHGs"), and (iii) efforts to increase energy efficiency.
The combined effect of the phase out of the itemized deductions and exemptions is that the effective marginal rates in the bubble will be even higher than that shown in Tables 1 and 2.
Medium-term, the federally mandated phase out of R-22 refrigerants, which commenced in 2010, will create a supply gap that will need to be filled with reclaimed gas.