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heavy petting

Sexual touching; foreplay. The term often implies that the activity is not followed with sexual intercourse. You can be sure there's a lot of heavy petting going on under those bleachers.
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n. a session of kissing and caressing. I just want to watch the movie. I didn’t come here for some teenage petting-party!
References in classic literature ?
There," said Agatha, petting her as if she were a vast baby.
You require a great deal of petting and looking after, Nastasia Philipovna, and I will do this.
I believe all the petting that is given them does not make them happy.
He's a lion-dog--more like an Airedale than an Irish terrier," Van Horn went on to his mate, still petting.
He never exceeded in peremptoriness, nor in petting.
Growl he would, from the moment the petting began till it ended.
Then it was that Walt put forth special effort, making it a practice to have Wolf lie at his feet while he wrote, and, between petting and talking, losing much time from his work.
When the gray November weather came, and hung its soft dark clouds low and unbroken over the brown of the ploughed fields and the vivid emerald of the stretches of winter corn, the heavy stillness weighed my heart down to a forlorn yearning after the pleasant things of childhood, the petting, the comforting, the warming faith in the unfailing wisdom of elders.