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pet hate

Fig. something that is disliked intensely and is a constant or repeated annoyance. My pet hate is being put on hold on the telephone. Another pet hate of mine is having to stand in line.
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pet peeve

Fig. a frequent annoyance; one's "favorite" or most often encountered annoyance. My pet peeve is someone who always comes into the theater after the show has started. Drivers who don't signal are John's pet peeve.
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*teacher's pet

the teacher's favorite student. (*Typically: be ~; become ~.) Sally is the teacher's pet. She always gets special treatment. The other students don't like the teacher's pet.
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somebody's pet hate

  (British & Australian) also somebody's pet peeve (American)
something that you do not like at all A pet hate of ours is telephone salesmen who phone just as we're sitting down to watch TV. Cleaning the bathroom is my pet peeve.
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pet peeve

A particular or recurring source of irritation, as in My pet peeve is that neighbor's cat running through my herb garden. [Early 1900s]
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teacher's pet

A person who has gained favor with authority, as in Al has managed to be teacher's pet in any job he has held. This expression transfers the original sense of a teacher's favorite pupil to broader use. [1920s]
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pet peeve

n. a major or principal annoyance or complaint. Dirty dishes in restaurants are my pet peeve.
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teacher's pet

Someone who seeks preferential treatment. A derisive epithet hurled at a student who tries to curry a teacher's favor in hopes of a better grade. Such a charge, valid or not, often led to cloakroom or schoolyard challenges and bloody noses. Outside of school, it was applied to people who insinuated themselves to authority in the hope of special treatment. The French equivalent is “teacher's little cabbage.”
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References in classic literature ?
But--in short,' said Pet, timidly touching her hand as it lay impassive on the sofa between them, 'will you not allow Father to tender you any slight assistance or service?
This is the last good-bye upon the list, for Mother and I have just said it to Mr Clennam here, and he only waits to say it to Pet.
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They sell their unfit food for high profits, and, at the same time, begin and foster the destruction of the health and the very lives of the pets you treasure.
To add insult to injury, according to the National Animal Control Association, of the more than 13 million pets shelters kill annually, five million are shipped to rendering factories to be used in pet food.
Veterinary costs are growing as more pets receive sophisticated medical treatments--including hip replacements, cataract surgery and chemotherapy--which range in cost from $100 to $10,000.
Judge Evans stated that her analysis of the Pet Law and the cases involving harboring of pets led her to conclude that the Pet Law deals only with leases which contain a "no pet" provision which prohibits the harboring of pets.
At Del Monte, our pet products nourish and enrich the lives of pets and pet parents by providing great-tasting, high-quality and innovative products for dogs and cats and by encouraging them to enjoy an active lifestyle together.
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More than 50 percent of my clients want alternative methods for their pets,'' said Megan Bamford, a Los Angeles County veterinarian who combines classical homeopathy with conventional veterinary medicine.
Other dust-free, biodegradable alternatives include Feline Pine's odor-absorbing pellets made from 100 percent recycled pine lumber waste from mill yards; ECOfresh and Yesterday's News, both made from 100 percent recycled newspaper; and CareFRESH, produced from recycled wood pulp, (It can be used for exotic pets and birds too.
org, show pets enhance our lives in many healthful ways.
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