petition for

petition someone or something for something

to make a formal request of someone or a group for something. They petitioned us for an end to the stringent dress code. We had to petition the upper administration for a revision in the policy.
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Nor is there a formal means in place for referral of a petition for further examination, by a parliamentary committee or otherwise.
A petition for revoking Bieber's green card and deporting him back to his native country Canada has receive that many signatures so far.
There is substantial evidence that the conduct by the victim in the instant case was not sufficiently provocative to require reduction of appellant's offense to manslaughter,'' the state Attorney General's Office wrote in a petition for rehearing.
A state prisoner sentenced to death for murder gave notice that he intended to file a petition for a writ of habeas corpus.
REFLECTIONS: In this case, the taxpayer filed a stand-alone petition for review.
Again another local philanthropist was prepared to instigate the petition for Edward, claiming that he "was not a criminal at heart," "had acted on a sudden impulse" and been "led astray by bad company.
Commissioner Gall said she voted to deny the petition for three basic reasons:
The first measure outlined by Rosenthal was the petition for an Antidumping Duty.
intervention in the Middle East to submit an Indictment, Complaint and Petition for Relief from Genocide by President George Herbert Walker Bush and the United States of America, which he had prepared on behalf of the 4.
Petition for review of a Board order dated September 27, 2000, approving the applications of North Fork Corporation, Inc.
If the union does not win the election, it is prohibited from submitting a new petition for 12 months.
Swamped by debt and declining reimbursement, Vencor filed a petition for protection under Chapter 11 of the federal bankruptcy laws.
org to sign the petition or you can mail letters urging the National Toy Hall of Fame to include Raggedy Andy to the following address: Petition for Raggedy Andy c/o The Johnny Gruelle Raggedy Ann and Andy Museum, P.
The Tax Court dismissed A's petition for lack of jurisdiction (Maier, 119 TC 267 (2002)); an appeal to the Second Circuit followed.
According to the city clerk, Carlson last year submitted a notice of intent to circulate a petition for a rent control initiative, but the petition was never circulated and never submitted to the city.