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pester (someone) for (something)

To continually annoy someone with requests for something. I wish you would stop pestering me about that new bicycle; your birthday will be here soon enough!
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pester someone about someone or something

to bother someone about someone or something. Please don't pester me about Frank. Stop pestering me about money.
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pester someone into something

to annoy someone into doing something. We are trying to pester her into accepting the position. I don't want to be pestered into losing my temper!
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pester someone out of something

1. to annoy someone out of doing something. Dave pestered Mary out of going away for the weekend. He pestered her out of leaving without him.
2. to annoy one out of one's mind, senses, good manners, etc. I was pestered out of my mind by a series of silly questions.
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pester someone with something

to annoy someone with something. Don't pester me with your constant questions! I was pestered with phone call after phone call.
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pester the life out of someone

Fig. to annoy someone excessively. Leave me alone. You are pestering the life out of me. Stop pestering the life out of me!
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Stay with friends or family to stop him pestering you.
If you aren't against the idea but want to set some rules so you can manage your child's use of their mobile phone here are a few ideas parents have suggested: "I sat down with my 10-year-old who had been pestering me for at least a year for a mobile phone.
Take further advice from a solicitor, but it is likely you would be able to apply for a "non molestation" order to prevent your husband from harassing or pestering you, and from being violent or threatening.
A MAYOR has resigned after the council clerk accused him of leering at her boobs and pestering her.
All parents know that as well as tinsel and holly, a guaranteed part of the festive season is children pestering for certain presents.
A LIVERPOOL coach driver told a court yesterday that the only reason he broke the speed limit was that his passengers were pestering him for a toilet stop.
MICK JAGGER today took the unusual step of denying a 17-year-old Swedish model's claims he was pestering her.
Because she's an ex-felon, she can't become a lawyer, but that doesn't stop her from pestering patrician Hamilton Whitney III (Richard Thomas), who ultimately succumbs and gives her a job at his San Francisco film specializing in corporate law (since she fights for the little guy, you can imagine the problems ahead).
In general, Argyrodes, the genus, is always pestering Nephila," he says.
That afternoon the alcoholic crack user phoned the elder girl - and she told him to stop pestering her.
Under terms of the Asbi, Oliver is now prevented from: Entering or attempting to enter the area bounded by the A191 Whitley Road, the B1317 Station Road, Forest Hall Road, Killingworth Road, the Waggonway track between Killingworth and Holystone, and the A186; From using violence or threatening violence, harassing or pestering any resident of Palmersville, Forest Hall; And from using violence or threatening violence, harassing or pestering any employee of North Tyneside Council.
The brothers are also prohibited from threatening, harassing or pestering a man with learning difficulties who lives in their neighbourhood.
The stalker, who has the beauty's home and mobile phone numbers, has been pestering her for more than a year.
He said: "She was pestering me last night pleading with me to come to court.
Do your kids keep pestering you to take them to the Natural History Museum to see the dinosaurs?