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pester (someone) for (something)

To continually annoy someone with requests for something. I wish you would stop pestering me about that new bicycle; your birthday will be here soon enough!
See also: pester

pester someone about someone or something

to bother someone about someone or something. Please don't pester me about Frank. Stop pestering me about money.
See also: pester

pester someone into something

to annoy someone into doing something. We are trying to pester her into accepting the position. I don't want to be pestered into losing my temper!
See also: pester

pester someone out of something

1. to annoy someone out of doing something. Dave pestered Mary out of going away for the weekend. He pestered her out of leaving without him.
2. to annoy one out of one's mind, senses, good manners, etc. I was pestered out of my mind by a series of silly questions.
See also: of, out, pester

pester someone with something

to annoy someone with something. Don't pester me with your constant questions! I was pestered with phone call after phone call.
See also: pester

pester the life out of someone

Fig. to annoy someone excessively. Leave me alone. You are pestering the life out of me. Stop pestering the life out of me!
See also: life, of, out, pester
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freePaul Pester TSB was launched as a standalone brand onto the high street in 2013, with a promise to be fundamentally different from its competitors.
TSB chief executive Paul Pester will stay |in his role after Banco de Sabadell's deal
Mr Pester warned that there would not be a "significant dividend in the early term", signalling no payout until the 2017 financial year.
The initial pitch by Pester to investors is understood, by the newspaper, to be light on pricing but heavy on the growth trajectory which Pester believes will be of benefit to TSB.
Pester allegedly rescheduled appointments for her daughter's health to be checked around her performances as a virtual DJ.
Meanwhile, current account customers looked set for disappointment as Mr Pester played down the likelihood that TSB would offer an improved rate when it sets out new products.
They grow up to be more informed adults, they can use their pester power to make their mums do a self-exam and they are usually on social media and can be reached at zero cost.
The case centres on pounds 3,000 Ms Pester is said to have given to Mrs Irimia to fund a promotional video and pounds 2,000 said to have been ploughed into the project by Ms Pester's agent Graham Stone, who runs Devon-based agency Vegas Entertainments.
The Department of Trade and Industry this week kicked off its consultation into the implementation of the Unfair Commercial Practices Directive, in which it has grouped pester power marketing with fraudulent selling techniques, all classed as aggressive commercial practices.
You'll have to move quickly to catch up with her, but meet Elizabeth Pester, RN, Head Nurse at the Universal Ballet Academy in Washington, DC.
Sneaker fanatics, or sneaker heads, as some like to be called, scour the Web, pester faraway sellers, and shell out top dollar to score hard-to-find vintage models.
Pester offers its PEWO-Wallet Continuous Motion Packing Machine designed for wallet card production in the pharmaceutical industry.
If we knew God's name, we would be able to pray, praise, lament, glorify, petition, supplicate, entreat, intercede, and pester for justice.
HAAR, Germany -- pester pac automation GmbH has developed a new packaging machine operation concept for its customers that requires clear visualization and structured 3D images to help articulate the value of the product.
That doesn't include a delayed PS405,000 bonus Pester got from Lloyds, where he worked before they offloaded TSB.