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put (something) in(to) perspective

To clarify, appraise, or assess the true value, importance, or significance of something. Seeing the devastation caused by a natural disaster like that really puts our petty gripes and problems in perspective, doesn't it? You don't think it's that big a deal? Well, let me put it into perspective for you: each of us will get 10 years in prison if we're caught.
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from my perspective

 and from where I stand; from my point of view; the way I see it
Fig. in my own opinion. Mary: What do you think of all this? Tom: From my perspective, it is just terrible. Bob: From my point of view, this looks like a very good deal. Bill: That's good for you. I stand to lose money on it. Alice: From where I stand, it appears that you're going to have to pay a lot of money to get this matter settled. Sue: I'll pay anything. I just want to get all this behind me.
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*in perspective

within a reasonable view or appraisal. (*Typically: be ~; get something ~; have something ~; put something [into] ~.) Let's try to keep everything in perspective. If we put the matter into perspective, I think we can discuss it reasonably.
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*perspective on something

a way of looking at a situation and determining what is important. (*Typically: get ~; have ~; gain ~; give someone ~.) The jury did not have a good perspective on the crime since some of the evidence had to be ignored. Studying history gives one a perspective on the past.
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The book boasts strongly perspectival yet disengaged approaches, and it contains a deeply engaged yet weakly perspectival approach.
As these data made clear, dialog will be important because a hermeneutics of suspicion and a hermeneutics of faith will each have perspectival strengths and weaknesses.
The spread of Nietzsche's influence is a barometer of the spread of perspectival thinking.
The dissolution of fixed positions and substantive characteristics is apparent in various kind of arts ant the very term "reality" belongs to the sequential, perspectival cosmos.
He suggests that the word "illusion" is inappropriate for the perspectival image, since what it presents is more akin to a literary fiction, since such images create a world that is vivid, convincing and emotionally involving without us believing that it is real.
Multiperspektivisches Erzahlen (2000) deals with the perspectival structure of the English novel, its theory and history since the eighteenth century.
When describing the bridge, Balmond's broad range of references can seem contrived and overwhelming, as he recreates well-rehearsed series of sketches that describe structural, formal, compositional, perspectival, rhythmic, optical and tactile influences, all of which are described in a logical sequence that builds to the climax of the overall ensemble.
This syncretic study of the development of perspectival stage apparatus for aristocratic theater traces correspondences between mathematics, visual art, drama, literature, political theory, and rhetoric, in search of a unifying discourse about power, representation, and performance.
The influence of Donatello's perspectival innovations is evident to great effect in two powerful panels by Domenico Veneziano (nos.
Across the pluralism of traditions, schools, and types of mediation, one finds a broad consensus on the reality of a postmodern intellectual culture that includes such themes as the cultural linguistic character of all knowing, the historicity of reason, the givenness of pluralism, the perspectival and incomplete character of every tradition, the modesty with which all comprehensive truth claims may be proffered, and the demand that all such claims be cognizant of the other.
So the argument goes, because all knowledge is perspectival there is no such thing as objective knowledge--you can't really know things about the real world or about things as they are in themselves.
Most of the essays are perspectival and programmatic around the theme, rather than detailed or analytical.
It goes something like the following: With Manet, impressionism, and/or postimpressionism, a new model of visual representation and perception emerges that constitutes a break with several centuries of another model of vision, loosely definable as Renaissance, perspectival, or normative.
Matisse's "Still Life with 'Dance'" (1909), as well as his portraits, feature swaths of color paired with perspectival distortion and simplified forms.
Rendered as a cartoony graphic--two receding rectangles joining at a small square, suggesting a perspectival view of a room--the form has nearly become a brand for the artist.