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persist in doing something

to continue doing something. John persists in thinking that he's always right. Tom persists in demanding that I agree to his terms.
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persist with something

to continue the state of something; to extend an action or state. Please do not persist with your demands that I agree to your terms. If you persist with this intrusion, I'm going to call the police.
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References in classic literature ?
Your husband wishes me to persist," the Major answered.
How she owns that it is she and not the man who is guilty; how she takes all the faults on her side; how she courts in a manner punishment for the wrongs which she has not committed and persists in shielding the real culprit
That wicked boy has been frightening the whole school, Miss Halcombe, by declaring that he saw a ghost yesterday evening," answered the master; "and he still persists in his absurd story, in spite of all that I can say to him.
For the word that persists in creeping under its point is no other word than "cynicism.
Johnson vows that if I persist in the connection, he will settle in the country for the rest of his life, and you know it is impossible to submit to such an extremity while any other alternative remains.
Perhaps it was the homing instinct in him asserting itself that made the idea persist.
I persist in thinking that there is no necessity for my keeping you here until to-morrow.
He exhorted him, therefore, to begin by immediately confessing the fact, and not to persist in denying what was so plainly proved against him even by his own wife.
First,' returned Mrs Wilfer solemnly, 'if you persist in what I cannot but regard as conduct utterly incompatible with the equipage in which you arrived--'
Preparation of the greens will further become necessary if you persist in this unseemly demeanour.
The analysis by IMD says that the low pressure area over southwest Bay of Bengal & adjoining Srilanka off Tamilnadu coast persists.
Street movement" persists Al-Mustaqbal: Presidency is dialogue's priority.
Intensity of cold persists in upper parts of the country with plain areas continuously in the grip of thick fog.
A sore or ulcer in the mouth that persists for more than three weeks.
The central bank of Turkey has said that it would have to ease monetary policy if the European crisis persists.