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nevertheless, she persisted

She persevered despite opposition or obstacles. The phrase became a feminist slogan after originally being used in February 2017 by US Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell in his explanation of why the Senate voted to prohibit Senator Elizabeth Warren from continuing her speech during a debate on the confirmation of Jeff Sessions as US Attorney General. The stories of so many pioneering women can be summarized by "Nevertheless, she persisted."
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persist in (doing something)

To continue pursuing some action with steadfast or obstinate tenacity. Why do you persist in bothering your sister like that? Tommy has been persisting in undermining my authority ever since he was given that promotion.
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persist with (something)

To continue with some pursuit or activity with steadfast or obstinate tenacity. The union persisted with its demands for better pay and benefits, threatening to extend the strike until they were met. I'm not sure why he persists with this career as a musician when he's clearly nowhere close to being successful.
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persist in doing something

to continue doing something. John persists in thinking that he's always right. Tom persists in demanding that I agree to his terms.
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persist with something

to continue the state of something; to extend an action or state. Please do not persist with your demands that I agree to your terms. If you persist with this intrusion, I'm going to call the police.
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References in classic literature ?
This line of reflection I discovered to be as distressing as the former, but, though I tried to turn my mind to other things, it persisted in returning to the vision of an oval face, sun-tanned; of smiling lips, revealing white and even teeth; of brave eyes that harbored no shadow of guile; and of a tumbling mass of wavy hair that crowned the loveliest picture on which my eyes had ever rested.
Thwackum did all he could to persuade Allworthy from showing any compassion or kindness to the boy, saying, "He had persisted in an untruth;" and gave some hints, that a second whipping might probably bring the matter to light.
No,' she persisted, grasping the handle; 'not yet, Edgar Linton: sit down; you shall not leave me in that temper.
QUETTA -- Cold ad dry weather persisted in Quetta and major parts of Balochistan Friday.
Junior Shehbaz stated that reservations still persisted on some verdicts.
Smog persisted in suburban areas of Punjab and KP too disrupting the routine life of the citizens.
Announced Thursday, the picture book will feature famous women throughout history and be titled "She Persisted," Entertainment Weekly (http://ew.
Because this pattern persisted, this advection also continued, intensifying as its moisture depth increased from a few hundred feet to some 2 or 3 thousand feet.
Shelton (2003) had found in her sample of nursing students that the amount of faculty support differed significantly between those that persisted versus those that had dropped out, with those that had persisted reporting significantly higher levels of faculty support.
I asked various academics why they persisted in teaching something that was demonstrably wrong.
1 : to keep on doing or saying something : continue stubbornly <The reporter persisted with questions.
I'm surprised the virus persisted so long," added Graeme Laver, an expert in the spread of bird flu.
Those in the sample who dropped out tended to have statistically significant lower SAT or ACT scores than those who persisted to graduation.
And yet fewer than 1 in 12 doctors have raised concerns with nursing staff in an effective way despite reporting that the problems have persisted for 1 to 5 years or more.