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persevere at something

to keep trying to do something. I will persevere at my studies and I'm sure I will succeed. Todd persevered at his job and got promoted in no time.
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persevere in something

to persist in [doing] something. I will persevere in my efforts to win election. Kelly persevered in her studies and graduated with honors.
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persevere with something

to continue to try to accomplish something. Do you really think it is wise to persevere with your plan? Sally persevered with her scheme to earn a million dollars.
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References in classic literature ?
How should I be able now to persevere in any path without your companionship?
Neglected disease and hopeless poverty were as certain to be his portion as death itself, if he persevered in the same course; yet he did persevere, and the result may be guessed.
Summary: Former England boss Glenn Hoddle believes Fabio Capello's team will not be successful if the coach perseveres with a 4-4-2 formation.
Through plot twists involving a prince, the boy Harry with whom Rapunzel has fallen in love, the identity of the tinker, and much more, Rapunzel perseveres, and the tale comes to a satisfying conclusion.
recently completed construction of a world-class research headquarters in Groton, and the Electric Boat Division of General Dynamics steadfastly perseveres as a major defense contractor.
No one, naturally, is interested in his theories - in fact, other journalists dump threats on his head as unambiguous as those of the corrupt cops themselves - yet he perseveres and ultimately triumphs.
Recently, however, he did what so many of today's choreographers have been doing: He took time out from a full schedule to sit for a portrait by California photographer Rose Eichenbaum, as she perseveres in her ambitious project, "Movement Masters, Portraits of Great Choreographers" [see Dancescape, September 1998, page 12].