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weather permitting

Fig. if the weather allows it. Weather permitting, we will be there on time. The plane lands at midnight, weather permitting.
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— permitting

if the specified thing does not prevent you from doing something.
1997 Classic Boat Time and weather permitting rudderless sailing is also taught, along with spinnaker and trapezing.
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The permitting process ensures that both of these agendas are met.
Since the advent of portable crushers, permitting for stationary plants has also become more difficult in recent years.
While this new knowledge is important, it has raised several issues regarding the use of emission factors in the regulatory, permitting and compliance arenas.
Although revenue rulings and letter rulings are replete with examples permitting transfers of acquired assets or stock to lower-tier subsidiaries, the new regulations elevate the value of these determinations, by providing for such transfers pursuant to final regulations.
which handles permitting for the city and large parts of the county, plans to launch the on-line permitting service in early June.
The document includes answers to comments received, describes the permitting decisions, and reasons for these decisions.
In addition, its capabilities recently have been expanded to provide Web-portal-based permits for the trucking industry using CWB's multistate permitting solution.
These new rules, referred to as 112(g), "new source MACT" or "case-by-case MACT" regulations, went into effect this past summer and could delay permitting and require potentially costly controls.
For purposes of enforcement of the anti-nuisance provisions of the Rent and Eviction Regulations, the court correctly concluded that the tenant's permitting the nuisance, had the same ramifications as if the tenant was actually committing the nuisance.
Seminar Helps Participants Navigate the Complex Maze of Permitting and Consultation Requirements
Hamilton Foundry's Charles Rentschler argued against the controversial air permitting program before a congressional subcommittee.
Myriad Entertainment today announced the initiation of the permitting process to secure all permits and approvals necessary for construction mobilization targeted for July of 2007.
Under this section, the EPA establishes new permitting programs modeled after the National Pollution Discharge Elimination System (NPDES) for waste water discharge.
The emergency declaration expedited the state agency permitting and approval process and authorized emergency contracting procedures.
Sources should also anticipate greater delays in permitting new or modified sources of toxic air pollutants, especially once case-by-case MACT requirements kick in.