permit up

permit (one) up (something or some place)

To grant one permission ascend something. You shouldn't permit your children up such large, dangerous trees. I don't permit the dog up the stairs.
See also: permit, up

permit someone up (something)

to allow someone to come up something. She would not permit me up the ladder. I wanted to climb the ladder to be with Walter, but he wouldn't permit me up.
See also: permit, up
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In asking the ICC to preserve its authority to prevent unlawful control, BN's pleading says the commission cannot permit UP to implement its proposed voting trust without full consideration of the consequences of that proposal on shippers and the public interest as well as the rail transportation system.
The USPS does print some pretty stamps, but its first-class rates wouldn't last five minutes if Congress were to permit UPS, FedEx, or anyone else to deliver birthday cards and billets-doux.
This agreement will permit UPS to connect Vietnam to its global network using its own aircraft whenever that is appropriate," said Steve Okun, UPS's public affairs manager for Asia.