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permeate something with something

to saturate something with something. The comedian permeated his act with smutty jokes. The evening air was permeated with the smell of jasmine.
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permeate through something

to seep in and saturate something. The coffee spilled on the desk and permeated through all the papers and stuff. The strong odor permeated through the walls and nearly suffocated us.
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2 : to spread throughout <The smell of smoke permeated the room.
Indeed, the amount of carbon dioxide permeated is obtained from the concentration of this gas at the permeate chamber output and the input carrier flow rate.
Other Democrats said they think religion has permeated the political discussion like never before and accused Republicans of exploiting it as a political tool.
A devoted vitalist, Steiner claimed that unseen "ethereal" and "astral" forces permeated the universe and were intimately tied to living creatures.
However, biblical texts are permeated with historical accounts that make reference to historical sources rather than divine dictation (Josh 10:13; Num 21:14; 1 Chron 29:29); prayers that question God (Jer 20:7ff.
He also examines how the idea of other dimensions has permeated not only science but also popular culture and literature--from Plato's suggestion that we perceive mere shadows of reality to Lewis Carroll's conception of a rabbit hole for Alice's passage from the real world.
to be fully authentic, it must be permeated by religion, which for Catholics means Catholicism.
Though non-Japanese games are included in the discussion, Power Up especially examines how storytelling ideas in Japanese videogames have so thoroughly permeated the gaming world, from the first-ever game cutscenes in Donkey Kong onward.
because they permeated those communities, and spread their message.
An in-depth work of literary criticism that transcends boundaries to explore the occult forces that permeated Bowles' life, the Moroccan mysteries and North African customs, culture, and magic he studied, the mystical influence drugs, sex, and music, and much more.