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perk up (one's/someone's) ears

1. Of oneself, to become more or particularly alert, intrigued, or enthusiastic. I perked up my ears when I heard that my favorite author had a new book coming out.
2. Of someone else, to cause him or her to become so. I bet I know something that will perk up your ears: Rob is single again!
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perk someone up

to make someone more cheery or refreshed. A nice cup of coffee would really perk me up. A cup of coffee will perk up the sleepiest person.
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perk something up

to refresh or brighten something; to make something more lively. A bit of bright yellow here and there will perk this room up a lot. We need something to perk up the second act of the play.
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perk up

to become invigorated; to become more active. After a bit of water, the plants perked up nicely. About noon, Andy perked up and looked wide-awake.
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perk up something

also perk something up
to make something more interesting or active Chopped prunes can really perk up a fruit salad. It's a pretty dull movie, though the supporting actors perk things up a little.
Usage notes: sometimes used in the form perk up your ears (to cause you to become interested): A new book about using the Internet might not exactly perk up your ears.
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perk up (somebody)

also perk somebody up
to make someone more active and interested It was a clear summer day, and Nancy looked like she was beginning to perk up. His stay with Aunt Podie soon perked him up.
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perk up

Restore to good spirits, liveliness, or good appearance, as in You're exhausted, but a cup of tea will perk you up, or The flowers perked up the whole room. [Mid-1600s]
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perk up

1. To become more lively, cheerful, or attentive: We perked up when we heard the good news. The students perked up when the professor began the lecture.
2. To cause someone or something to become more lively, cheerful, or attentive: The morning coffee really perked me up! I perked up the kitten by feeding it catnip.
3. To refresh the appearance of something: New furniture and paint have perked up the room. Washing the windows has really perked the kitchen up.
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n. an extra financial benefit; a monetary inducement or reward. (see also benies.) I don’t get paid much, but the perks are good.

perked (up)

mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also pepped (up).) No more. She’s done. She’s perked up for good.
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See also: perk


mod. drunk; drug intoxicated. After a few drinks, he was really perking!
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