Perhaps a little later

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Perhaps a little later.

Not now, but possibly later. Waiter: Would you like your coffee now? Bob: Perhaps a little later. Waiter: All right. Sally: Hey, Bill, how about a swim? Bob: Sounds good, but not now. Perhaps a little later. Sally: Okay. See you later.
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References in classic literature ?
It may seem strange, perhaps, that I had not noticed this before.
Perhaps I had better take a look at the lower windows before I go up.
For perhaps the first time in her life she thought of him as a man, young, unhappy, tempestuous, full of desires and faults; for the first time she realized him for herself, and not from her mother's memory.
There were, perhaps, a score of them in the party and as they galloped away on their tireless mounts they presented a picture at once savage and beautiful.
In the heart of the Japanese comes the love of his parents, the love of his wife and children, and, deepest, perhaps, of all the emotions he knows, the strong magnificent background to his life, the love of the country which bore him, which shelters them.
Strangest of all, perhaps, was the shaggy man, with his shaggy donkey head, who shuffled along in the rear with his hands thrust deep in his big pockets.
Wise people understand this, and everybody is more influenced by it than they know, perhaps.
There were local tales of his having exerted his powers of prognosis, or perhaps you would say diagnosis; and it was said that in every instance the person whose friends he had warned had died suddenly at the appointed time, and from no assignable cause.
He sings the opening lines perhaps more than once, in order to gather the people round him.
He was about twenty-eight years old, and had left Canada and his father's house a dozen years before to work in the States, and earn money to buy a farm with at last, perhaps in his native country.
But suddenly, up the street somewhere, perhaps near that public-house, a row started as if Bedlam had broken loose: shouts, yells, an awful shrill shriek-- and at that noise all these heads vanished from behind the bars.
The distance was little more than six miles, but the road was strange, and I had to keep stopping to inquire my way; hallooing to carters and clodhoppers, and frequently invading the cottages, for there were few abroad that winter's morning; sometimes knocking up the lazy people from their beds, for where so little work was to be done, perhaps so little food and fire to be had, they cared not to curtail their slumbers.
Indeed, she was so far from regretting want of beauty, that she never mentioned that perfection, if it can be called one, without contempt; and would often thank God she was not as handsome as Miss Such-a-one, whom perhaps beauty had led into errors which she might have otherwise avoided.
There's something fine about it; no perhaps Christian, but humanly fine.
He loved his daughter with more fondness now, perhaps, than ever he had done since the days of her childhood.