perform miracles

perform/work miracles

to be extremely effective in improving a situation Di's worked miracles in the kitchen - I've never seen it look so clean. These days plastic surgeons can perform miracles.
See also: miracle, perform
References in classic literature ?
If the news of my death should reach the ears of Camilla, let her know that I forgive her, for she was not bound to perform miracles, nor ought I to have required her to perform them; and since I have been the author of my own dishonour, there is no reason why-"
Despite plenty of evidence to the contrary, Ryan Moore can't always perform miracles if his mount isn't good enough.
Black and White you may be, JC, but you cannot perform miracles with that squad, in fact you cannot get your players to perform.
Even though staff perform miracles, every injured, sick or worried member of the public forced to wait longer than four hours for treatment is a person treated badly.
Those making undue demands should know that Sri Lanka could not perform miracles overnight, the Prime Minister said, addressing delegates at the World Conference on Peace, Security and Development in Seoul, Korea on Saturday (Aug.
He shows that it is not reasonable to believe in Jesus' resurrection, that Christianity's problems apply to other religions, that there are better explanations and humanistic movements than religion offers, and that God would not perform miracles.
INTERNATIONAL rookie keeper Stephan Andersen says he's ready to perform miracles in a bid to help Denmark escape from the Group of Death.
The Iraqi orchestra must have a taste of its own; others want to see the Iraqi difference in the music that is played but I believe they can perform miracles.
PROGRAMMES like Holby City are fuelling the compensation culture in the NHS by raising expectations that nurses can perform miracles, a conference heard today.
See those people who believe in God must straightaway do away with those who claim they can perform miracles.
Probably the only person struggling with the act is roadie "Ian" who seems to perform miracles in keeping alive Steve's selection of instruments, including a one-stringed diddley bow made with tin cans and a two-stringed "guitar" of hub caps and broomsticks.
Capello (left) added: "I can't perform miracles, I can only call up the players we have.
What we're asking Steve to do is perform miracles," said Gibson.
We are trying to perform miracles as soon as we get the ball but we have to realise that pressure is something that must be built gradually.
Convinced Afar is an angel, they'll use him as a sideshow attraction or - hopefully - to perform miracles.