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perform miracles

To achieve extraordinary results, especially in trying to improve a situation. The therapist we hired has performed miracles with Johnny's behavioral issues. If we're going to bring this company back to its former glory, we'll need a marketing team that can perform miracles.
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*old warhorse

a performance piece that is performed often. (*Typically: be ~; become ~; perform ~; play ~.) The symphony orchestra played a few old warhorses and then some ghastly contemporary stuff that will never again see the light of day.
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perform something on someone or something

to do something to someone or something; to carry out a procedure on someone or something. The surgeon performed a simple office procedure on the patient. Do you expect me to perform magic on this problem?
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do/perform/stage a disapˈpearing/ˈvanishing act

(informal) go away or be impossible to find when people need or want you: Ian always does a disappearing act when it’s time to wash the dishes.This refers to a magic trick done by a magician in which they make themselves or another person disappear.
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The youth sat down in the garden and considered how it might be possible to perform this task, but he could think of nothing, and there he sat sorrowfully awaiting the break of day, when he should be led to death.
We may say that an "instinctive" movement is a vital movement performed by an animal the first time that it finds itself in a novel situation; or, more correctly, one which it would perform if the situation were novel.
The animals in cages, which gradually learn to get out, perform random movements at first, which are purely instinctive.
She has also participated as resident artist in the Kneisel Hall Chamber Music Festival in Blue Hill, Maine, where she continues to perform with world-class musicians, among them members of the Juillard Quartet.
But in order for students to really benefit from their summer study I think it's better not to perform.
Normal practice is to perform a weekly full Exchange backup.
color in AV edition only) Singer-songwriter Alana Grace will perform Aug.
perform procedures that more clearly link the risk assessment to the decision of what audit procedures to perform, and when.
Peer reviews of firms that perform accounting and review services and/or attestation engagements under Statements on Standards for Accounting and Review Services and/or Statement on Standards for Attestation Engagements, respectively, are called engagement reviews.
Increasingly, however, disability insurers argue that their insureds have dual occupations and that even if they are unable to perform one occupation, they are not totally disabled under the policy because they can perform the other.
This is one of the most often missed standards because while a lot of camps perform the verification, many either verify skills in a pool environment for lakefront guards and/or forget to document it.
Perform them as you would normal chin-ups; pull up until your chin is above your wrists, pause for a second, and then lower yourself to a position that has a slight bend in the arms.
Also important for the court was the short time-span necessary to perform the maintenance (relative to that necessary to perform a complete overhaul).
At this point, the information learned from this evaluation was combined with the information obtained preoperatively, and the decision was then made to perform either a complete or partial adenoidectomy.
Because an individual retained by a former employer will ordinarily be retained to perform services substantially similar to the services performed while an employee, this requirement will seldom be met.