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At $220 suggested retail, the Browning Perfect Storm is a wicked bit of business that will serve you well.
PERFECT STORM Cineworld sees Avengers Assemble boost admissions by 3.
Sponsored by New York Private Bank & Trust, the luncheon speaking program will examine national interest in the NYC real estate investment market, as recent shifts in residential real estate prices and the upswing in commercial properties in Manhattan create a potential perfect storm for investment.
Karen Brown, the former Dance Theatre of Harlem dancer who became Oakland Ballet's artistic director in 2000, noted that "the company was in the eye of the perfect storm.
The perfect storm has brewed not just on the Gulf Coast, but in Detroit as well, and Katrina could change the game for a long time.
For the above reasons, the one to back at 20-1 this morning is Perfect Storm, who bounced back to form on soft ground at Yarmouth last time when hacking up in a competitive handicap run at a strong pace, and can race off the same mark as when a close fourth in a top-class handicap at York earlier in the season.
I]t's a perfect storm of cultural weather patterns that you'd expect to be brewed only in, say, the East Village, Dupont Circle or the intersection of Haight and Ashbury.
The Bush administration is tacking dangerously close to a perfect storm if it stays a course of government getting into the business of financing religion.
A Perfect Storm (2000) provides a specific case study of the persuasive appeal of this affirmative critique.
Of course the big "it's not safe to go back in the water" story this year was The Perfect Storm (HarperPaperbacks), Sebastian Junger's riveting account of a Gloucester fishing crew lost in a 1991 northeaster.
But for a more thought-provoking critique of the human species, you cannot do better than Chicken Run and--for reasons we'll get to in a minute--The Perfect Storm.
THE star of The Perfect Storm isn't George Clooney playing a stubbly, stubborn fishing boat captain - but the sea.
This time it is George Clooney at the wheel of the ill-fated fishing boat The Andrea Gail which was caught up in a meteorological phenomenon that became known as The Perfect Storm.
George Clooney at the Cannes Film Festival, on making The Perfect Storm, his second film in a row with costar Mark Wahlberg, as quoted in the June 5 issue of Us Weekly