percolate through

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percolate through something

[for a liquid] to seep down through something. The water percolated through the coffee grounds too slowly for Fred, who was just dying for a hot cup of the stuff. The water percolated through the subsoil and appeared again at the bottom of the hill.
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Percolate team members will join Meteor in a variety of roles across the company such as product development and customer success.
Percolate is recognized for its fresh, modern look and simplicity; flexible tagging system to assign people and courses in any manner; and capacity to create tests and reports that include both knowledge and certainty to identify high-risk gaps in training and boost learner confidence.
states marketing professionals should consider Percolate if they "want to integrate social into broader marketing strategies.
Out of a directory list of 610 LMS/LCMS and other learning platform vendors, Percolate is seen as "an entrant into the LMS market that will surprise clients especially those seeking a system in the small business market.
Clearly inspired by events in the Middle East, the works by Dominic McGill and Siemon Allen that make up the recent show "Pop Agenda" use a pop-cultural idiom to offer a glimpse of how political, economic, and social issues get transformed as they percolate through mass media and culture.
Superb at narrative foreplay, McCann lets the story's homoeroticism percolate for 300 pages before anything is consummated.
But that depends upon continued economic strength as the effects of high fuel prices percolate through the system, adding a larger than usual level of unpredictability for the year.
com)-- Michaels & Associates announced news of the latest Percolate LMS[TM] version, now offering a Discussions feature that allows learners to communicate on any course or individual content material within a course.
The upper sleeping floor is fabricated from expanded metal mesh, through which light can percolate, and the interior is predominantly white (white walls, white floors, white stairs, white fittings) to promote the general illusion of spaciousness.
Speaking to more than 200 members of the Valley Alliance of Neighborhood Councils in Van Nuys, the mayor said the community groups serve as a forum where ``ideas and views percolate.
In I Am Monkeys, one of two canvases worked in tones of orange and rusty brown, von Heyl scrubs dry brown paint lightly over the surface, then rubs the canvas clean with thinner, creating buoyant forms that seem to percolate up from the lower depths.
They push critical planning processes incredibly low in the organization and then vet the ideas that percolate up.
com)-- Michaels & Associates received high honors this week for their Percolate LMS‒now globally recognized as one of the top learning management systems (LMSs) according to the 2014 State of the LMS Industry Report authored by Craig Weiss of E-Learning 24/7.
However, premature evaluations may be too hasty and, as internal finishes are installed, including stainless-steel soffits and window reveals, the creative drama of the facade may well percolate to the offices within.
In fact, this question had begun to percolate earlier that day, when a string of malfunctions conspired to temporarily erase the exhibition from its sites at Bear Mountain just as I arrived.