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fall off (one's) perch

To die. I hope not to fall off my perch until I'm old and gray.
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knock (one) off (their) perch

To cause someone to fall from a leading or prominent position. At the end of the day, I think voters just wanted to see someone knock the prime minister off his perch.
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perch on something

1. [for a bird] to stand at rest on something. A robin perched on the branch by my window. We saw a parrot perched on some kind of flowering tree.
2. to sit or balance on something. I can't perch on this fence forever. Let's go. Sam was perched on the bicycle and he looked very uncomfortable.
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perch someone or something on something

to place, seat, or stand someone or something in a place. She perched the little girl on the edge of the tub. Walter perched his hat on the top shelf.
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fall off the perch


fall off your perch

If someone falls off the perch or falls off their perch, they die. Note: A perch is a pole, branch or other place where a bird sits to rest. He fell off the perch years ago. Note: Other verbs such as drop or topple can be used instead of fall. He'll topple off his perch one morning. You know how it is. Note: This expression is used humorously.
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knock someone off their perch

If you knock a person or organization off their perch, you cause them to lose their important or leading position. Note: A perch is a pole, branch or other place where a bird sits to rest. For the regional firms this is an excellent time to knock London firms off their perch. Note: You can also say that a person or organization falls off their perch if they lose their important or leading position. There'll be no end of people ready to laugh when you fall off your perch. Note: You can use topple instead of fall. As one after another of the star companies of the 1980s fall on hard times, their high-flying executives are toppling from their perches.
See also: knock, off, perch

knock someone off their perch

cause someone to lose a position of superiority or pre-eminence. informal
See also: knock, off, perch

knock somebody off their ˈperch/ˈpedestal

show that somebody does not deserve to be admired so much: These revelations will really knock him off his pedestal.
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Hunting perches were categorized as either continuous (utility wires, fencerows, woodlot edges, and tree-lines; [greater than or equal to] 20 m in length) or isolated (isolated trees, shrubs, and snags).
In this experiment, students test this hypothesis by placing standardized perches along the margin of a water body and observing perch-height selection by different dragonfly species.
More than 25 members of Troop 622 volunteered Saturday to help him set up the boxes and perches at the landfill, 2801 Madera Road, just north of the Simi Valley (118) Freeway.
10) trees for song perches than the average trees available within territories (2 = 27.
The plant's seed provided more evidence that the perches really matter to the plant.
Anolis lineatopus was observed far more frequently in the shade than the other two species, and hence may not compete with the other species for shady perches.
Thermal requirements, social interactions, and avoidance of predators can influence selection of perches (Schlesinger and Shine, 1994; Downes and Shine, 1998; Ramirez-Bautista and Benabib, 2001).
More likely, if birds use perches to search for prey, there should be a bias towards perches with few visual obstructions to prey detection.
If hunting perches are limited, then it seemed reasonable to expect that the addition of supplemental perches within shrike territories would allow foraging efficiency to increase by providing shrikes a greater choice of hunting perches, thereby increasing their opportunity to choose the best hunting area.
The perches were intended to attract birds of prey back into the area to help reduce the rodent population and lessen the use of poisons to control rodent populations.
Microhabitat features surrounding the song perches of 26 Indigo Buntings (Passerina cyanea) and 24 Painted Buntings (Passerina ciris) in northeast Texas were compared to determine whether these species were segregated according to habitat.
In addition to providing a variety of seeds, birders can simply adjust the perches with a twist of a knob below the base to attract different size birds.
1 -- color) A Western kingbird perches near its nest in a sycamore Thursday, the day for tree trimming in the Saugus neighborhood.
Anolis grahami tended to occupy the highest and largest diameter perches when compared to the other two species studied.