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pep talk

A speech given to encourage others. The team was looking lethargic, but the coach gave them a pep talk at half time, and they came out with a lot of energy. I gave Michelle a pep talk because I knew she was nervous about starting her new job.
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pep (one) up

To increase or enhance someone's excitement, interest, energy, or alertness. The show was going really poorly until the host came out and pepped the audience up. I think I need some coffee to pep me up.
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pep (something) up

To make something more interesting, engaging, or exciting. I always use some red chilies to pep up my soups and stews. Have you considered using electric guitars to pep the song up a bit?
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pep someone or something up

to make someone or something more vigorous. Nancy needs to take some vitamins to pep her up. The coffee break pepped up the tired workers. Better food might pep your cat up.
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pep someone up

Invigorate someone or cheer someone up, as in This drink will pep you up, or The good news about his recovery pepped us up. [1920s] Both the verb pep and the noun pep, denoting vigor and energy since about 1910, are abbreviations for pepper, a spice with a pungent, biting quality. They also have given rise to pep rally, a meeting to inspire enthusiasm [c. 1940], and pep talk, a speech meant to instill enthusiasm or bolster morale [1920s].
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a ˈpep talk

(informal) a talk by somebody to give people confidence or encouragement: Just before the exams, our teacher gave us all a pep talk.
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pep up

1. To cause something to become more exciting or interesting: A little spice will pep up the flavor of the stew. We could use a good comedian to pep this party up!
2. To cause someone to become more alert and energetic: I drank coffee to pep myself up as the night wore on. A little music might pep up our bored guests.
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pep pill

n. a stimulant pill or capsule, such as an amphetamine. The doctor prescribed some kind of pep pills, but I refused to take them.
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pep talk

n. an informal speech of encouragement. The coach gave the team a good pep talk, but they lost anyway.
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pepped (up)

and peppy
mod. alcohol intoxicated. (see also perked (up).) That guy looks a little pepped up. Don’t give him any more booze.
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Alternatively, go to a discount broker who will give up some or all of the commission and invest it in your PEP.
If you buy a PEP using Chase as a result they will refund your pounds 12.
A general PEP invests in a number of different shares, while a single company PEP includes the shares of just one specific company.
Also, a transfer to another Pep does not affect your entitlement to an ISA, and a Pep should not be transferred into an ISA because it will use up your ISA allowance.
MOVE fast if you are thinking of investing in a PEP, with the mounting speculation that the Chancellor will bow to pressure and increase the pounds 50,000 lifetime limit for investments into his new Individual Savings Account (ISA).
So invest what you can under current PEP rules and enjoy the tax breaks while you may.
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Direct Line's aim is to open up the PEP market to these people by making the product easier to understand.
Of those definitely or likely to take out a Pep before the deadline:
Always talk to a specialist adviser, for there are more than 1,600 PEPs on the market to choose from.
You've got three months, till April 5, to salt away up to pounds 6,000 per adult, tax free, into a general personal equity plan and pounds 3,000 into a single company PEP.
The Pep generation are sensible with money and many are planning to invest more into their Peps before 5th April.
PEPS were introduced by Nigel Lawson in 1987 to promote wider share ownership.
This could mean capping the amount that can be earned tax-free from PEPs or making people keep their cash locked up for longer before getting any tax breaks.