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pension someone off

to retire someone with a pension. The company tried to pension me off before I was ready to retire. They pensioned off the long-time workers.
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that contemptible Mazarin has stopped poor Scarron's pension.
The Pension Bertolini had decided, almost enthusiastically, that they would do.
Porthos left a pension to Aramis, who, if he should be inclined to ask too much, was checked by the example of D'Artagnan; and that word
The worn patches in the carpets, and the pallor of the drawing-room, where no chair or cover had been renewed for some years, were due not only to the miserable pension, but to the wear and tear of twelve children, eight of whom were sons.
Thus wholly and solely occupied in retaining his place, drawing his pay, and securing his pension, the government official thought everything permissible that conduced to these results.
About the time of which we write the pension list had just been issued, and on it Rabourdin saw the name of an underling in office rated for a larger sum than the old colonels, maimed and wounded for their country.
To employ fewer man, to double or treble salaries, and do away with pensions, to choose only young clerks (as did Napoleon, Louis XIV.
Magistrates, learned bodies, officers of the lower grades found their services honorably rewarded; no man employed by the government failed to obtain great consideration through the value and extent of his labors and the excellence of his salary; every one was able to provide for his own future and France was delivered from the cancer of pensions.
Chaucer's wife, too, had a pension, so the poet was well off.
Soon after that his wife died, and with her life her pension ceased.
On himself, during his later years, he spent only a third part of his pension, giving away the rest to a small army of beneficiaries.
He begged his way to Paris, and while there made application at the War Office, not for the thousand francs of extra pension which had been promised to him, nor yet for the Cross of the Legion of Honor, but only for the bare pension due to him after twenty-two years of service, and I do not know how many campaigns.
Now that everyone has heard that Dounia is to marry Pyotr Petrovitch, my credit has suddenly improved and I know that Afanasy Ivanovitch will trust me now even to seventy-five roubles on the security of my pension, so that perhaps I shall be able to send you twenty-five or even thirty roubles.
And he does nothing but stay in pensions and write poetry.
I've met him in the Latin Quarter in Paris, and I've met him in pensions in Berlin and Munich.