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penetrate into someone or something

to pierce into someone or something; to stick deep into someone or something. The lance penetrated into the knight, right through his armor. The bullet penetrated into the wall.
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penetrate something with something

to pierce something with something. I could not even penetrate the steel door with a cold chisel. It was easy to penetrate the lid with a can opener.
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penetrate through something

to pierce all the way through something. (Some people will view the through as redundant.) The bullet could not penetrate through the metal plating. It did not have enough force to penetrate through the steel.
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Silencure SRT provides a cuing compound and penetrating siloxane sealer in a single product that can be applied on broom finished, precast, hand or machine troweled surfaces.
Immediate refrigeration prevented the bacteria from penetrating through the yolk membrane and reaching the nutrient-rich yolk.
The patient sustained an accidental injury that resulted in broken glass causing a penetrating eye injury in her left eye.
The article has a liner, an outer cover and an absorbent body between for absorbing liquid body waste penetrating the liner.
Non-penetrating glaucoma surgery has fewer complications than a traditional trabeculectomy (first done in 1968) and allows us the option to perform YAG-laser goniopuncture at a later stage thus transforming non-penetrating surgery into a penetrating one," Dr Kazakova explains.
a leading manufacturer of True-Nano penetrating sealers, today announced it has entered into an exclusive representation agreement with TOTE International, LLC, a market development concern with interests in True-Nano materials sciences, advanced security, medical technologies, and modularized SIPS housing.
The Steelcote division of Chemline has introduced Floor-Nu Penetrating Sealer, a two-component clear epoxy for sealing and deeply penetrating concrete or masonry surfaces against the effects of moisture, freeze/thaw cycles, salts, oils and specific chemicals.
To play the penetrating male (arsenokoites) or the penetrated male (malakos) in a homosexual act was contrary to revelation (Gen 1:27), nature, and design.
A few drops of penetrating oil will get it moving in no time.
Longstanding Crohn's disease often evolves primarily from an inflammatory disease to a stenosing and penetrating disease, said Dr.
Background: Trauma surgeons have observed an increased rate of penetrating trauma during periods of increased unemployment.
Penetrating trauma to the head and neck caused by a nail fired from a nail gun is a unique, uncommon, and usually nonfatal injury.
Molten iron was penetrating between the working lining and the 24-in.
To significantly reduce the background signal from incoherently scattered electrons, the film is mounted over an electron trap so that the electrons penetrating through the particles also penetrate the film and are absorbed in the trap.
He must not start around until he can see the color of his teammate's jersey penetrating up-field.