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Charnley, a long-time St James' Park pencil-pusher with no apparent experience of top-flight sport outside the four walls of his office, has climbed his way up the company ladder.
Don't be dominated by some consultant pencil-pusher who just graduated.
DEATH SENTENCE DELIVERED with all the subtle nuances and sensitivity you'd expect from the director of Saw, Kevin Bacon manages to go from straight-laced pencil-pusher to shotgun-sporting killing machine after his son's killed before most of the audience had finished their nachos.
You can bet your life that the pencil-pusher who didn't cough up was getting paid.
As this pencil-pusher left, he thought to ask him: "I wonder why the people dealing with the girl who starved to death in Birmingham weren't as persistent?
Kudrow's new show - which she co-created with ``Sex and the City's'' Michael Patrick King - is a cross between the British ``The Office,'' a faux reality series about a piteously self-aggrandizing pencil-pusher, and Roseanne's ill-conceived reality series meltdown about the making of her cooking show, which never actually aired.
People see that (he) isn't just a pencil-pusher, a financial guy or something like that.
Whether ye be a landlubbin' pencil-pusher or a true salty sea dog, Pirate Jesus, with his parrot, patch, and lopsided grin, is concerned for your salvation.
How often, after all, do a meek pencil-pusher and a portly scam artist share the limelight, without a "tall, dark and handsome" anywhere in the script?
Intentionally or not, the film greatly resembles Martin Scorsese's "After Hours" in its first two-thirds, both in its depiction of a pencil-pusher trapped in a nightmare of an evening, and in its use of synthesizer music and a ticking clock to compound the sense of claustrophobia.
I'm a hands-on, outdoors-type person more than a pencil-pusher.
Clearly there are also some other secret ingredients, but the pencil-pusher was not for passing them on.
THE Office star Mackenzie Crook says he was just like his nerdy pencil-pusher character Gareth as a teenager.
The rule, apparently written with summer football all-star games in mind, had been around for years but wasn't applied to the Milligan game until a Daily News photograph of last year's action caught the eye of some pencil-pusher downtown.
The leading pencil-pusher has already created a series of breathtaking cars, such as the current Jaguar XK coupe and roadster, as well as several of the latest Aston Martin supercars.