pencil in

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pencil someone or something in

to write in something with a pencil. (Implies that the writing is not final.) This isn't a firm appointment yet, so I will just pencil it in. I penciled in a tentative answer.
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pencil somebody/something in

also pencil in somebody/something
to have a temporary plan to do something with someone The team had penciled in Morton as a key player this season. I penciled you in for lunch next Thursday.
Etymology: based on the idea that a pencil mark can easily be removed or changed
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pencil in

1. To write something in with a pencil: The assistant penciled in the editorial changes on the manuscript. After the teacher reviewed my test, I penciled the corrections in.
2. To schedule something tentatively: The secretary penciled in a staff meeting for 3:00. The band penciled a rehearsal in on Friday.
3. To schedule a tentative appointment with someone: We penciled him in for lunch next Monday. The interviewers penciled in the applicant for the end of the week.
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But must hold a pencil in three fingers, so that each finger is around the pencil so that from each side that he drives, there is no mistake and weakness in the line.
Barbara Daly for Tesco make-up eye pencil in black: Cheap, cheerful, and very black.
Derwent recently received accolades for obtaining a spot in the Guinness Book of World Records for creating the Longest Pencil in the World.
What an insensitive comment Karen Smith made when she said postal workers are not the sharpest pencil in the box.
But officers get these benefits whether they spend their days planting bombs underwater with the SEALS or pushing a pencil in a Pentagon press office.
Barbara Daly Make-up for Tesco Eye Pencil in Moss, pounds 3.
In 1915, Tokuji Hayakawa, who established Sharp Corporation, started making the first mechanical pencil in Japan.