pen pusher

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pen pusher

One who has a boring, meaningless office job. Primarily heard in UK, Australia. Gary was tired of being a pen pusher, so he decided to quit and start his own business.
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a pen pusher

mainly BRITISH or

a pencil pusher


a paper pusher

COMMON If you describe someone as a pen pusher or a pencil pusher, you mean that they have a boring office job and do not make any important decisions. People who used to be called administrators, and perhaps seen as just pen pushers, have been transformed into senior managers. Many of the men who now sit on company boards are pencil pushers with qualifications from top schools, but lack experience in business. Note: In both American and British English, you can also call someone a paper pusher. I didn't want to be just another faceless paper pusher. Note: You can refer to office work as pen-pushing, pencil-pushing, or paper-pushing. You can also say that office workers push papers or push pens. I want our police officers freed from paper-pushing. I'm very thankful that I can make a living from my art, rather than working as a waiter or pushing papers eight hours a day.
See also: pen, pusher
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Instead, the callous pen-pushers who appear hell bent on making life harder for people have better ideas.
After dealing with the nasty pen-pushers at the council it was like a breath of fresh air to know people like this still existed.
Plus the government is stuffed with ex-bankers, and the banks with former Whitehall pen-pushers.
Nowadays in a doctor's surgery there are more pen-pushers than treatment staff.
PEN-PUSHERS at the Government's Energy Department have pocketed PS1.
Doctors and nurses strive to achieve this aim, not directors, administrators, pen-pushers and builders who build buildings that will never be used.
00s 2002 Penny-pinching pen-pushers were slammed today for putting a children's charity Christmas party at risk.
If the treasury needs to save money, then might I suggest it pares down the number of the pusillanimous and inept pen-pushers swelling the plush and comfortable offices of the Ministry of Defence?
But back to rail, and Liverpool's crazy claim over spending more than PS40,000 on first class tickets for town hall burghers and pen-pushers during the past two years.
Some are 'self important'' pen-pushers who still receive costly pay deals, getting fat off our exorbitant council tax bills.
So, the council tax-paying families who objected to building on supposedly protected land are effectively abandoned by the council pen-pushers they pay to stop such itinerant and illegal development while travellers do exactly as they want with no regard for law or legitimacy.
While they are prepared to be conspicuous by their absence, faceless, anonymous pen-pushers in Brussels will continue with their attempts to control this country, and our ability to govern it will continue to be compromised.
Perhaps now the NHS grandees will start spending their dwindling budgets on genuine healthcare professionals instead of another bunch of pen-pushers who are a waste of space - and not just in the staff car park.
It's time all councils had a shake up and got rid of half the pen-pushers.
If racing doesn't look out it will go the same way as the National Health Service - more and more expensive pen-pushers and fewer and fewer doctors and nurses.