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(at) full pelt

As fast as possible. I drove at full pelt, and I still got there late. Do you think she has a chance to win the race, if she runs at full pelt? They are planning this wedding at full pelt. I hope they don't forget any major details.
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pelt down (on someone or something)

[for something] to fall down on someone or something hard or in quantity. (Typically rain, hail, sleet, stones, etc.) The rain pelted down on the children as they ran to their school bus. The ashes from the volcanic eruption pelted down on the town, covering the houses in a gray shroud.
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pelt someone or something with something

to hit or strike someone or something with something. The citizens pelted Max with rocks. The boys pelted the mad dog with a hail of stones.
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at full pelt

with great speed; as fast as possible.
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in your pelt

naked. Irish informal
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(at) full ˈpelt/ˈspeed/ˈtilt

with great speed, force, etc: The police were chasing him so he ran full pelt down the road.We drove down the road at full tilt.
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References in classic literature ?
He felt glad, turned down his coat-collar and listened with strained attention, but in spite of all his efforts nothing could be heard but the wind whistling between the shafts, the flapping of the kerchief, and the snow pelting against the frame of the sledge.
A dozen times he was hit, and then the apes ran down and gathered other rocks, pelting him unmercifully.
The master of the week being short-sighted, and the prepostors of the week small and not well up to their work, the lower- school boys employ the ten minutes which elapse before their names are called in pelting one another vigorously with acorns, which fly about in all directions.
Here was a matrimonial hailstorm pouring in the South of England, and I was invited, by a man with fever in every fold of his coat, to come out from the North of England and take my share of the pelting.
And how unnatural it seemed for a sober man to be plodding wearily along through miry roads, encountering the rude buffets of the wind and pelting of the rain, when there was a clean floor covered with crisp white sand, a well swept hearth, a blazing fire, a table decorated with white cloth, bright pewter flagons, and other tempting preparations for a well- cooked meal--when there were these things, and company disposed to make the most of them, all ready to his hand, and entreating him to enjoyment!
He went into the pelting rain again with his head bare, and, bending low over the river, and scooping up the water with his two hands, washed the blood away.
We had, by the light of the moon, a little sight of them, as they stood pelting us from the shore with darts and arrows; and having got ready our firearms, we gave them a volley that we could hear, by the cries of some of them, had wounded several; however, they stood thus in battle array on the shore till break of day, which we supposed was that they might see the better to take their aim at us.
There are many pleasanter places even in this dreary world, than Marlborough Downs when it blows hard; and if you throw in beside, a gloomy winter's evening, a miry and sloppy road, and a pelting fall of heavy rain, and try the effect, by way of experiment, in your own proper person, you will experience the full force of this observation.
Drenched with the pelting rain, confused by the deafening thunder, and bewildered by the glare of the forked lightning, they would have passed a solitary house without being aware of its vicinity, had not a man, who was standing at the door, called lustily to them to enter.
As a result of baton charge, the displaced persons resorted to stone pelting at Police and also put truck on fire.
Confirming the report, Inspector General (IG) Law and Order from Lucknow Amrendra Singh Sengar told the media that there was stone pelting on the police by the protesters
ISLAMABAD -- Forum patronised by veteran Hurriyet leader, Syed Ali Gilani has said that police have adopted it as a policy to first create a disturbance and then to force youth into resorting to stone pelting in reaction, for their subsequent arrest.
And it seems either out of fun or for the sake of camaraderie they got involved in the stone pelting," the police officer said.
In the heavy stone pelting, DCP, North, Mahendra Singh received head injury," he said, adding "police had to resort to lathicharge and tear gas shells were lobbed to control the tense situation".
As soon as the festival started and villagers from both sides came to know that they would not be allowed to hurl stones at each other, they started pelting stones on the cops and their vehicles," Srivastava told AFP by telephone.