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Agenesis of succedanceous teeth: an expression of the homozygous state of the gene for the pegged or missing maxillary lateral incisor trait.
The new normal of low oil prices suggests challenging times ahead for fiscal balances in the Gulf Cooperation Council (GCC) region, and prompts the enduring debate on the sustainability of their long-standing pegged foreign exchange (FX) rate.
Numerous glenoid pegged designs exist within the market place; however, little effort has been made to optimize peg geometry, and as a result, there is no consensus regarding the superiority of one design over another.
If the Hong Kong dollar were to be pegged to a basket of currencies and retain its hard currency status with high liquidity, it could only be pegged against fully convertible currencies.
Among those five steps was changing the way the yuan is pegged to the U.
Two years later his dream design, called the Mono Bug Peg, has taken the world by storm - and has just pegged a staggering 40 MILLION sales.