peg as

peg someone as something

 and have someone pegged as something
to think of someone in a certain way. Susan pegged the new employee as a lazy worker. I had you pegged as an angry rebel before I got to know you.
See also: peg
References in classic literature ?
To please my father, I mounted the horse, and, without waiting for any instructions from the Indian, turned the peg as I had seen him do.
Nonetheless, latent heat and transition temperature closely depend on molecular weight, a key issue in the application of PEG as a thermal energy storage material [13].
ONE SOLDIER AND HIS DOG: Conrad with Peg HAPPY FAMILY: Tony Lewis, wife Sandi daughter Siobhan and bulldog Fergie with Peg as he is picked up from quarantine
In each case, the IMF supported a peg as way to create currency stability, failed to predict the ultimate collapse, and blithely went on recommending the policy.
Clearly, it could be seen that the presence of PEG as a plasticizer in L-PLA marginally increases the toughness of L-PLA.