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pet hate

Fig. something that is disliked intensely and is a constant or repeated annoyance. My pet hate is being put on hold on the telephone. Another pet hate of mine is having to stand in line.
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pet peeve

Fig. a frequent annoyance; one's "favorite" or most often encountered annoyance. My pet peeve is someone who always comes into the theater after the show has started. Drivers who don't signal are John's pet peeve.
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somebody's pet hate

  (British & Australian) also somebody's pet peeve (American)
something that you do not like at all A pet hate of ours is telephone salesmen who phone just as we're sitting down to watch TV. Cleaning the bathroom is my pet peeve.
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pet peeve

A particular or recurring source of irritation, as in My pet peeve is that neighbor's cat running through my herb garden. [Early 1900s]
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pet peeve

n. a major or principal annoyance or complaint. Dirty dishes in restaurants are my pet peeve.
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Every weekday during the campaign, TransLink's Facebook fans voted on which pet peeve they thought was the bigger faux pas.
Now, dear reader, I know these little complaints only scratch the surface of the many potential peeves encountered by those who work in our illustrious specialty.
But, if it's really just a peeve and nothing more--and you can't ignore it any longer--speak up.
The study, which began in 2011, presents readers with a comprehensive list of hotel-related pet peeves, which are then ranked in descending order from most to least irksome.
I guess they are my pet peeves, things that set me off, that stop me, that cause the reader's eyes to stop and get hung up on something.
The results show a slight, but interesting, shift in employee sentiment on this subject since the last time Randstad conducted a similar survey on workplace pet peeves in 2007.
Each year we look forward to seeing what new peeve makes the list and which continue to be timeless favorites.
The top three pet peeves found in the workplace (among those who have a biggest pet peeve) are gossip (60 percent), others' poor time management skills (54 percent) and messiness in communal spaces (45 percent).
motorcycle riders to share their top five pet peeves about both other riders and drivers of four-wheel vehicles, as well as the most common rookie rider mistakes.
LOS ANGELES -- The launch of the Pet Peeves Creator on www.
The "CLR Cleaning Confessions" survey was conducted by TNS to examine the cleaning habits and pet peeves of U.
What: Celebrity voice impersonator Brian Whitman delves into current events, politics, pet peeves and daily irritations along with listener calls and guests.
Consumer Reports' Gripe-o-Meter captures patients' biggest peeves