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pet hate

Fig. something that is disliked intensely and is a constant or repeated annoyance. My pet hate is being put on hold on the telephone. Another pet hate of mine is having to stand in line.
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pet peeve

Fig. a frequent annoyance; one's "favorite" or most often encountered annoyance. My pet peeve is someone who always comes into the theater after the show has started. Drivers who don't signal are John's pet peeve.
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somebody's pet hate

  (British & Australian) also somebody's pet peeve (American)
something that you do not like at all A pet hate of ours is telephone salesmen who phone just as we're sitting down to watch TV. Cleaning the bathroom is my pet peeve.
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pet peeve

A particular or recurring source of irritation, as in My pet peeve is that neighbor's cat running through my herb garden. [Early 1900s]
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pet peeve

n. a major or principal annoyance or complaint. Dirty dishes in restaurants are my pet peeve.
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The government's tactics when it gets peeved at a product can be extreme, as in the 1950s, when scientific papers of the psychiatrist Wilhelm Reich were burned by the government in the course of stopping the sale of a device he sold that it judged fraudulent.
However, 48 percent of men are peeved by "her hair shedding over everything" and "too many shampoos and conditioners.
If Americans are peeved because members of Congress don't share their own misery, then that's a signal to address the misery rather than simply to insist that members of Congress share it.
Suffice to say she's pretty peeved at whichever fella this is aimed at.
PEEVED pensioners in Handsworth Wood are demanding that a site which has been set aside for the community should be given to them.
She's particularly peeved that Kathleen is sharing her father's bed and dividing his attention.
Charis said: "I'm absolutely delighted but obviously peeved that they've drawn a yellow line over my space now.
But if she's unwilling to be up front about why she's peeved and give you an opportunity to work it out, you're simply not responsible for her less-than-sunny disposition.
Peeved that he didn't think of the idea first, his opposite number is then said to have done the same.
STILL peeved about three county supervisors caving in to a lawsuit threat from the ACLU and striking a tiny cross from the Los Angeles County seal?
And, the peeved senator added, ``We stressed that a local consulate official was sufficient.
SHE invited the cream of the rich and famous so no wonder Drew Barrymore was peeved not to get any pressies.
Well, don't look to the NFL, where it's hard to find someone who's not peeved with someone or about something.
But he's become so peeved after Chelsea's FA Cup triumph over Man U he leaves the gate open so he doesn't see the nameplate.