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peer about

to stare around; to look at everything about. She came into the room and peered about. Mary peered about, looking for a place to sit.
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peer at someone or something

to look at someone or something closely; to stare at and examine someone or something. The child peered at me for a while in a strange way. The owl peered at the snake for a moment before grabbing it.
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peer in(to something)

to stare into something; to look deep into something. I peered into the room, hoping to get a glimpse of the lovely furnishings. I only had time to peer in and then I walked on by.
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peer out at someone or something

to stare out at someone or something. A little puppy peered out at them from the cage. When I looked under the box, Timmy peered out at me with a big smile.
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peer over something

to stare out or look over something, such as one's glasses. The old man peered over his glasses and looked off into the distance. She peered over the wall to see what she could see.
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peer through something

1. to view or look through glasses, spectacles, binoculars, etc. From the way she peered through her glasses at me, I knew I was in trouble. Claire stood on the balcony, peering through her binoculars.
2. to stare through a partial barrier, such as a window, drapes, the haze, the fog, etc. George peered through the drapes and spied on the party next door. Sally peered through the haze as best she could, trying to see if the way was clear.
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peer under something

to look underneath something. She peered under the bed, hoping to find her slippers. When she peered under the bed, she found nothing but lint.
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Opening the peer review process to the larger scientific community could have multiple benefits--scrutiny by a broader audience may give study authors more ideas for improving their research and catch more low-quality and fraudulent papers before they enter the scientific record.
While teachers desire specific guidelines in how to implement effective peer intervention instruction (Vaughn, 2001), research into peer mediation fails to provide suggestions regarding how to link cooperative learning theory with specific instructional objectives (Maheady, 2001).
As Rochester's program continues, so does the national debate about the value of peer review.
Third, conflict resolution and mediation skills need to be taught and encouraged in elementary school, beginning with the primary grades, a time when students are more open to learning common strategies for interacting with peers.
And so it happened that the night before the primarial election, Archbishop Peers and a friend went to a movie--The Money Pit with Tom Hanks--rather than participate in any of three synod prayer services (a choral evensong, a prayer-and-praise event and a meditation service.
This could have a ripple effect, in that when those youth return home, they might influence their peer group to engage in new leisure activities.
While peer supporters cannot provide the level of service professionals can, they still can help considerably.
In large organizations, the array of peer groups is incredibly complex.
The Act established a legal basis for protecting peer review and quality assurance activities.
With more courts and regulatory agencies beginning to require workers to rely on internal procedures before filing suits, interest in installing peer review grievance systems for nonunion employees is mushrooming.
Students learn at different rates and a peer tutor approach to technology instruction and integration can provide valuable instructional support for the teacher and emphasize how technology should be used in instruction rather than what it is.
church in March 2002, Archbishop Peers "asked me to write him a postcard from every diocese I went to as a way to stay connected with the Canadian church.
Supervisees must self-disclose in a trusting relationship with their supervisor and, in the case of group supervision, their peers.
Despite its crucial role in this era of "publish or perish," scientific peer review today limps along with its own disabling wounds, asserts Domenic V.
Among Enhancements: Peer Review Ratings Are Now More Prominent on Site; Users Can Now Search Only for Peer Review Rated Lawyers and Compare Lawyers Based on Ratings in Side by Side Comparison Tool