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pixel peeper

slang Someone who is particularly or overly critical of or sensitive to the resolution, clarity, and quality of digital images or photographs. When I started getting into digital photography, I'll admit that I became quite a pixel peeper for a while. Later on though, I became less obsessive over technical quality and learned to appreciate well-composed photographs in their own right.
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n. the eyes. Come on, use your peepers. Take a good look.
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Cindy Dunn, site manager and conservation coordinator for Wachusett Meadow Wildlife Sanctuary in Princeton, said spring peepers and wood frogs, which also come out in the spring, are now extremely active in the sanctuary's many ponds and wetlands.
At the first sign of danger, another peeper keeper shuts tight.
If your peepers need urgent TLC, try Diva Dev a Reverse wrinkle remover, pounds 25 from www.
When peepers wake from their winter sleep, they crawl out from under last fall's leaves.
THE PEEPER proved that there is a built-in audience for star-driven made for online programming, and we expect to generate a similarly record-breaking audience with the THREE TO TANGO mini-movies," said Jim Moloshok, President of Warner Bros.
The direct-to-Web film short, "The Peeper," is based on a skit from Sandler's upcoming CD, "Stan and Judy's Kid," to be released by Warner Bros.
Concurrent with the Web unveiling of "The Peeper," Sandler will launch his first-ever exclusive fan community in AcmeCity, the 400,000-member entertainment home page community, a joint venture of Warner Bros.
Our purses won't stretch that far so, luckily for us, Lavish Alice has also done some wonderful garms with a similar print that we have got our peepers on (OK, we'll stop now).
This gel eye-mask will help you relax and works wonders on tired peepers.
In November of 2013 we partnered with the Lions Club of Mexico where free eye exams were offered and Peepers were dispersed to the local community.
The smoky eye make-up accentuates Julianne's beautiful emerald peepers and her flawless skin belies her 52 years.
com, promises to bring Autumn leaf peepers and railway trains together.
Appealing to children ages 4-9, "Noisy Frog Sing-Along" encourages children to imitate the different sounds made by frogs, from "peep-peep-peep" of the peepers to "jug-o-rum, jug-o-rum" of the bullfrogs.
I've got my eye on Jeepers Peepers mirrored yellow sunglasses (PS18).
And this season, you'll get high style along with sun protection for your peepers.