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keep an eye peeled (for something or someone)

To remain vigilant or carefully watchful (for something or someone). They should be arriving any minute, so keep an eye peeled. Keep an eye peeled for a Christmas present we could give your mother. Keep an eye peeled for the health inspector, we heard he'll be doing a surprise inspection someday soon.
See also: eye, keep, peel

keep one's eyes open (for someone or something)

 and keep one's eyes peeled (for someone or something)
Fig. to remain alert and watchful for someone or something. (The entry with peeled is informal. Peel refers to moving the eyelids back. See also keep an eye out (for someone or something).) I'm keeping my eyes open for a sale on winter coats. Please keep your eyes peeled for Mary. She's due to arrive here any time. Okay. I'll keep my eyes open.
See also: eye, keep, open

keep one's eyes peeled

(for someone or something) Go to keep one's eyes open (for someone or something).
See also: eye, keep, peel

peel off

(from something) [for one or more airplanes] to separate from a group of airplanes. The lead plane peeled off from the others, and soon the rest followed. The lead plane peeled off and dived into the clouds.
See also: off, peel

peel off (of) (something)

[for a surface layer] to come loose and fall away from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) The paint is beginning to peel off the garage. The paint is peeling off.
See also: off, peel

peel out

[for a driver] to speed off in a car with a screeching of tires. Dave got in his car and peeled out, waking the neighbors. I wish he would stop peeling out!
See also: out, peel

peel something away (from something)

to peel something from the surface of something. Peel the label away from the envelope and place it on the order form. Peel away the label carefully.
See also: away, peel

peel something back (from something)

to lift something away from the surface of something. He peeled the sheets back from the bed and got in. He peeled back the sheets and got into the bed.
See also: back, peel

peel something off (of) (something)

 and peel something off from something
to remove the outside surface layer from something. (Of is usually retained before pronouns.) She carefully peeled the skin off the apple. She peeled off the apple's skin.
See also: off, peel

keep your eyes peeled (for something)

to watch carefully for someone or something keep an eye out (for somebody/something) Keep your eyes peeled for a taxi.
See also: eye, keep, peel

peel off

also peel away
to move away quickly The first of three attack jets suddenly peeled off to the right.
See also: off, peel

keep your eyes peeled/skinned

to watch very carefully for something (often + for ) Keep your eyes peeled for a signpost.
See also: eye, keep, peel

keep one's eyes open

Also, keep one's eyes peeled or skinned . Be watchful and observant. For example, We should keep our eyes open for a change in the wind's direction, or Keep your eyes peeled for the teacher. The first phrase dates from the late 1800s; the second and third, both colloquial and alluding to the lids not covering the eyes, date from the mid-1800s and 1830s, respectively.
See also: eye, keep, open

peel off

1. Remove an outer layer of skin, bark, paint, or the like; also, come off in thin strips or pieces. For example, Peeling off birch bark can kill the tree, or Paint was peeling off the walls. [Late 1500s]
2. Remove or separate, as in Helen peeled off her gloves and got to work, or Al peeled off a ten-dollar bill and gave it to the driver. [First half of 1900s]
3. Also, peel away. Depart from a group, as in Ruth peeled off from the pack of runners and went down a back road. This expression originated in air force jargon during World War II and was used for an airplane or pilot that left flight formation, a sight that suggested the peeling of skin from a banana.
See also: off, peel

peel off

1. To strip some outer layer, surface, or covering away from something in thin strips or pieces: I peeled off the wrapping from my new CD case and took out the CD. You have to peel the skin off before you eat a banana.
2. To come off from a surface in thin strips or pieces: My skin peeled off after I got a sunburn. The labels peeled off from the file folders.
3. To take off clothes, especially when they fit tightly: It was so hot, we peeled off our jackets. Eventually, the campers peeled their shoes and socks off as they sat on the beach.
4. To leave a flight formation in order to land or make a dive. Used of an aircraft: The plane peeled off from the rest of the formation and did a trick.
5. To leave a group and move in a different direction: The members who voted against me peeled off and formed their own school.
See also: off, peel

peel out

To drive a vehicle away suddenly and quickly, especially by spinning and skidding the tires loudly: The angry teenager left the house quickly and peeled out of the driveway.
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in. to strip off one’s clothing. I had to peel for my physical examination.
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The infrared studies are the most extensive to date of their kind for environmentally sound peeling of tomatoes.
The HSM 3000 is intended for growers with 5 - 15 ha who require additional capacity than the standard peeling machine, HSM 180 provides, but less than the industrial peeling machine, HSM 6000 / HSM 9000.
Peeling coconuts with iron rods causes injury to labourers especially during rainy seasons.
Batch size and dwell time are programmable, and each peeler automatically empties and reloads at the end of each peeling cycle.
The abatement methodology for chipping and peeling paint requires a minimum of wet scraping and repainting, although it also could require the replacement of sheetrock.
The researchers discovered that the electrical current generated by the peeling tape fluctuates erratically.
In this research, scientists at the University of California looked into a sustainable and alternative peeling technique that uses infrared (IR) heating to effectively separate tomato peels without relying on lye or steam environments.
March 6 /PRNewswire/ -- Though the lazy days of summer remain distant on the horizon, women across the country are peeling off the layers and escaping winter days with a new line of deliciously juicy, slightly-sweet premium alcohol beverages called PEELS.
PACOIMA - They go door to door, checking walls for peeling paint, sniffing the air for musty odors, eyeing the carpet for signs of heavy wear.
Three separate peeling chambers provide superior peeling exposure and deliver potatoes with a smooth, polished surface.
Because each sectioned piece retains its membrane covering, the fruit is firmer -- holding open the prospect that mechanical processes might eventually do the peeling and separating.
They aid in wrinkle reduction, improve complexion and soften skin before surgery, to the point that even some of my peeling procedures have probably decreased.
On another front, lye peeling is the most industrially used method for processing tomato processors use steam peeling to reduce the chemical contamination of water.
Whether you opt for a superficial chemical peel or a deep peel that penetrates several layers of the skin, the introduction of newer peeling agents are giving dermatologists more options than ever to treat fine lines, sun damage, mild scarring, and even some forms of acne and pigmentation disorders safely and effectively.
Leave the eggs in the ice water 15 to 20 minutes before peeling them.