peel away

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peel something away (from something)

to peel something from the surface of something. Peel the label away from the envelope and place it on the order form. Peel away the label carefully.
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Last fall, Texas DQ ran the DQ(R) Peel Away Giveaway promotion, awarding more than 1.
Solivan claims that the Mind Mastery For Golfers program helps to peel away the layers of "synthesizing events" preventing golfers from playing their best.
If used correctly, you can peel away wallpaper in one go, like a banana.
It is called Peel Away and you can get it from Wm Boyles Interior Finishes (0141 429 1218).
This also makes her determined to, if you will, peel away her surface; Esther even fakes an auto accident to explain the evidence of a particularly disfiguring orgy with herself.
C)2003 Back to Basics is a registered trademark and Smoothie Elite, Hawaiice, and Peel Away are trademarks of Back to Basics Products, Inc.
After two or three days: hair cuticles (interlocking scales on the hair's surface) start to dehydrate and peel away.
Mobile wall panels peel away to reveal film projectors and screens, and shifting lights cast shimmering patterns on the canvas roof.
Archaeological layers seem to peel away as the solo grows spatially, dynamically, and symbolically: the female form evolves through stages of the history of art, dance, and humanity.
DynaPower uses electrolysis and ultrasound instead of acid to peel away scale, remove lubricants and provide a metal surface that is clean, dry and pH neutral.
Stripping paint from the cornice in itself may seem like a big task but if you concentrate on the ceiling rose first, you will get the hang of this amazing product called Peel Away.
She added that McClintock might be starting to peel away conservative voters who supported Schwarzenegger even if they disliked his moderate views on social issues because they thought he was the Republican with the best chance.
I almost feel like it's a part of me now and sometimes when I can't sleep I get up and peel away like it's going out of fashion - but hey, my flatmates love it as I have chips ready for breakfast in the morning
I sought to peel away as many of the Net's layers as possible in an effort to get at the naked truth of what constitutes `sex' on the Net.
Their Self Neutralising Daily Peel comes in the form of tiny pads which allow you to sweep over your face to peel away dry and flaky skin.