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peek at someone or something

to sneak a glimpse at someone or something. Now, don't peek at me while I am changing my shirt. I peeked at the dessert you made. It looks delicious.
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peek in

(on someone or something) to glance quickly into a place to see someone or something. Would you please peek in on the baby?
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peek in(to something)

to steal a quick glimpse into something. Sam peeked into the oven to see what was cooking. Laura opened the oven door and peeked in.
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peek out

 (from behind someone or something)
1. to look outward from behind someone or something. A shy kitten peeked out from behind the sofa. I looked toward the back of the sofa just as a little cat face peeked out.
2. to show just a little bit with the rest concealed behind someone or something. A bit of yellow peeked out from behind the tree, so we knew Frank was hiding there. We saw a flash of Frank's yellow shirt peek out.
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peek out

 (from underneath someone or something)
1. to look outward from beneath someone or something. A small furry face peeked out from underneath the sofa. At the base of the sofa, a cat peeked out.
2. to show just a little bit with the rest concealed under someone or something. Her petticoat peeked out from underneath her skirt. Her skirt was a tad too short and a little bit of her slip peeked out.
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peek out of something

 (at someone or something)
1. to be inside of something and take a look out. A pair of glimmering eyes peeked out of the darkened room at the two people standing at the door. I peeked out of my room at the eerie shadows in the hallway. Jerry peeked out of the bathroom to see if anyone was looking.
2. [for a little bit of something] to be revealed with the rest concealed within. A bit of white skin peeked out beneath his pants cuff.
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peek over something

1. to examine something with a quick glance. I really can't say how good the story was. I only peeked over it. I peeked over your manuscript, and it looks good.
2. to raise up and look over some barrier. I peeked over the wall and saw the lovely garden. Don't peek over the sofa and let Roger see you. It will ruin the surprise.
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peek through

1. to peer or glimpse through something. I'll just peek through your picture album. I'll study it more carefully later. I only have time to peek through. I would like to spend more time with it later.
2. [for something] to become slightly visible through something. Mary, the lace of your slip is peeking throughyour blouse! Some lace is peeking through.
See also: peek, through

peek under something

to sneak a little glance beneath something. I peeked under the table, hoping to see the dog waiting therefor the part of my dinner I wasn't going to eat. Peek under the chair and see if the cat is there.
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Developed in collaboration with a select team of surgeons, the COHERE Cervical Interbody Fusion Device leverages PEEK Scoria to combine the benefits of introducing a porous environment to bone without compromising the mechanical integrity of the implant.
Dr Bastawrous added: "Our ultimate hope is that the accuracy and easy to use features of Peek will lead to more people receiving timely and appropriate treatment and be given the chance to see clearly again"
With weight reduction and assembly efficiency being top priorities, Victrex Peek 150GL30 was specified by Amphenol PCD for their clamping technologies that replace metal clamps aboard the Boeing 787 Dreamliner.
From a rheological standpoint, the company says the new compound is easily processed due to a melt viscosity that is similarto that of a 30% glass fiber-reinforced PEEK compound (e.
The two sneak peeks indicate that Harvey will be busy calling Scottie, while Louis will arrive at the court huffing-puffing and suffer a heart-attack.
The spinning and drawing of PEEK fibers were carried out on the high temperature experimental spinning equipment developed by Beijing Paigu, China.
And the use of Peek can also deliver significant cost savings to the manufacturer.
Neat PEEK shows a typical polymer yield point as compared to its composites, followed by a softening range, and a roughly straight sub domain up to 0.
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Morrow, too, won an Oscar - for Best Screenplay - and presented it to Peek.
Peek, dubbed as the 'real Rain Man', passed away after suffering a heart attack in Salt Lake City, Utah.
Eloise Peek was checking on her own pony ahead of a riding show when another horse kicked out, knocking her to the ground She died 12 hours later after sustaining numerous injuries.
The 360 [micro]m fittings are available with a PEEK or stainless nut: the PEEK nut is supplied with a glass-filled PEEK ferrule, while the stainless nut uses a 316 stainless steel ferrule.
College recruiters weren't exactly lining up to sign Amanda Peek out of Crescenta Valley High in 2004, but plenty probably wish they could take a mulligan on that now.
Since 1901, department store chain Peek & Cloppenburg has been a fixture in the lives of German shoppers, beginning life as a gentleman's outfitter in Berlin and thence expanding into ladies' wear and city centres across Germany.