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and pecs and pects (pɛk(t)s)
n. the pectoral muscles. (From weightlifting and bodybuilding.) Look at the pecks on that guy!
See also: peck


See pecks
See also: Pécs
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At this stage, data on the drug metabolism and excretion profile may be consulted to allow a more accurate calculation of the PEC and determine whether metabolites need to be tested.
The Company seeks to acquire and develop security technology as well as continue to develop the PECS product line.
PEC is based in Fairfax County, Virginia, with offices around the United States.
Nortel is playing to win, and the acquisition of PEC is another example of Nortel's unwavering commitment to strategic business initiatives in the government, services and security arenas," said Bill Owens, vice chairman and chief executive officer, Nortel.
For more information, contact Martha Hill, PEC Director of Investor Relations, at 703-679-4900.
PEC assumes no obligation to update the information contained in this press release.
The purpose of the accelerated vesting is to enable PEC to avoid recognizing in its income statement compensation expense associated with these options in future periods, upon implementation of FASB Statement No.
Under this tasking PEC will provide Independent Validation and Verification (IV&V) testing services for major federal judiciary information systems used by Federal Courts across the country.
Karlgaard's 10b5-1 Plan, which became effective on December 14, 2004, he may sell up to 420,000 shares of PEC stock currently held by his family trust, charitable trust, and charitable foundation.