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Keep your pecker up!

  (British informal)
something that you say to someone in order to tell them to be happy when something unpleasant is happening to them I know things are hard, love, but keep your pecker up.
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1. n. the penis. (Usually objectionable.) He held his hands over his pecker and ran for the bedroom.
2. n. a stupid or obnoxious male. (Usually objectionable.) You stupid pecker! Get out of here!

pecker slap

1. n. an act of striking a male in the genitals. She pecker slapped him and watched him writhe in pain.
2. tv. to strike a make in the genitals. We’ll pecker slap those guys with every dodge ball we throw.
See also: pecker, slap
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Judging by Pecker he's mellowed a lot, though he does make some kind of movie history with a close- up of a stripper's private parts.
With a fresh new look, superior content, and enhanced mobility to deliver it, Radar Online is matching its product launch with robust sales support to grow the business, said David Pecker, AMI Chairman, President and CEO.
As the FBI continued to scour the building for clues Mr Pecker said: "I feel that we had a bio-terrorist attack here.
Pecker, "the company has grown from just 4 publications to 22, with over 200 mini-mag titles, a book division and 19 web sites.
Pecker said, "Men's Fitness isn't just about having the best abs; it's about having a better life, whether that involves being in great shape or understanding women or succeeding at work.
David Pecker, our CEO, and other members of management recapitalized the equity of AMI in a transaction that valued the Company at $1.
Banjo player Pecker, 67, was told by a woman Garda to move from outside O'Shea's Hardware in Killarney's Main Street.
Pecker said, "As two leaders in our respective fields, this is a very unique opportunity that we now have.
Especially a renowned banjo virtuoso like Pecker Dunne.
Pecker said, "Raul, or El Gordo as he is better known, is an invited guest into more homes than NBC, CBS, ABC and Fox reach combined.
A raffle will also take place with some great prizes from sponsors, including: Southerleigh Fine Food & Brewery, Big Hops Growler Station, Mad Pecker Brewing Co.
PECKER THE ROOSTER: The Laconia ZBA denies a variance that would enable a family to keep a pet rooster at their Lakeport home.
In fact the prince definitely didn't appear in need of a fillip to keep his pecker up.
But the ailing pet got his pecker up with a syrupy sip.
The singer, 21, tells 3am: "I'm convinced that in England, 'keep your pecker up' means, 'keep your chin up'.