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and pecs and pects (pɛk(t)s)
n. the pectoral muscles. (From weightlifting and bodybuilding.) Look at the pecks on that guy!
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See pecks
See also: Pécs
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He told PEC has carried out Accreditation of Engineering Education through Engineering Accreditation & Qualification Equivalence Committee (EA&QEC) based on well recognized parameters and international practices for evaluation of engineering programmes.
Hoping that the new building will become a second home for engineers, he announced that PEC would continue to serve the nation as per the high standards set in its objectives and play its due role in the development of the country.
She said the PEC has asked the committee to come back in January with more information about its name and mission statement change, and will also be seeking input from the Equal Opportunities Law Section.
The FDA trigger corresponds to a PEC in surface water of 0.
PEC is a cooperative corporation under the Texas Electric Cooperative Corporation Act.
Over the years, PEC has become an influential voice, which speaks for the engineering profession as a whole in the country.
While demonstrating to the committee, he said that PEC was working on traditional lines before his election as a chairman.
The firms also announced that they had selected Douglas Lowenstein to become President and CEO of PEC.
Documents File Cover (40 sheets) - (Transparent) Per Pec
The Minister while speaking at the meeting of Standing Committee of the National Assembly on Science and Technology asked PEC to finalise the PEC system of elections within a month, in accordance with the relevant ordinance.
The PEC rating reflects the structural subordination of the PEC debt to that of PEC's pipeline subsidiaries and PEC's reliance on indirect subsidiary cash flows to meet its debt service and other cash needs.
The Rating Outlooks of PGN, PEC and PEF are Stable and the Rating Watch Positive is removed.
Add Gel Refill - NB-R 20 (Blue, Black, Red) Per Pec
She was inaugurating training workshop on PEC standard costs and control documents.
PEC is expected to issue $100 million of securities under the shelf shortly.