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slang A person's tooth (usually pluralized). Be sure to brush your pearlies twice a day, or you might end up getting a cavity!

pearly whites

A person's set of teeth. Be sure to brush your pearly whites twice a day, or you might end up getting a cavity!
See also: pearly, white

the pearly gates

the entrance to heaven, where some people believe you go when you die I'll meet you at the pearly gates and we can compare notes.
See also: gate, pearly
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The PPP Global Awareness Survey is the first initiative to understand if indeed there is bias in public perception about pearly penile papules.
Sired by the Welsh cob Gwenllan Bossy out of a Hackney mare Candwr Dancing Queen, he is full-brother to last year's top WPB Llanidan Pearly Queen.
The Pearly Kings and Queens still wear the traditional dress, but now devote their time to charitable activities.
Pearly Gates writer Ben Sweet from Netherton said: "There were quite a few people there and they were pleased to see us.
A scrap metal merchant at the Pearly Gates and gives his name to Peter who goes off to see if he's on the list.
Guests at the Pearly Diner will start with a simple Soup of Life but from there on each will take their own path with a main course and dessert of their choosing.
45) is his latest contender Andrew Glassonbury is 2-2 for Jim Best at Plumpton this season and rides Pearly Star (4.
Half of the compact contains Balance-n-Brighten, Geller's famous baked color correcting foundation which evens out skin tone; as well as Ethereal Rose Baked Powder, a face brightener that casts a pearly pink glow onto skin for a fresh and youthful look.
It's more of a pearly finish but gives skin that little bit of star quality.
Mrs Johnson is survived by her husband, son Ivan, who works at Dar Akhbar Al Khaleej Printing and Publishing House and daughters Shirley and Pearly, former Indian School students.
Dear reader, IF these lumps are smooth with a slightly pearly appearance they could be molluscum contagiosum, caused by a virus.
She was born May 1, 1938 in Skowegan, ME, daughter of the late Pearly and Iva Greenleaf, Sr.
Groff will treat Pearly Penile Papules (PPP), a condition in which small skin tags or domes form on the penis.
THE PEARLY King of Peckham accompanied by three generations of his princesses brought his unique blend of wit, charm and old London traditions to eager audiences in Paphos last week.
A dental health survey has revealed a distinct lack of pearly white smiles with men rating the whiteness of their teeth as the lowest in UK.