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pay (someone) peanuts

To pay (someone) a very paltry or miniscule amount; to pay the absolute minimum amount necessary. I had a few jobs during college getting paid peanuts, but it was the only work I could find that fit in with my studies. You're never going to be able to hire an effective manager if you're only willing to pay peanuts.
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work for peanuts

To work for very little money. Geez, I need a raise—I'm sick of still working for peanuts after three years!
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for chicken feed

 and for peanuts
Fig. for nearly nothing; for very little money. (Also used without for.) Bob doesn't get paid much. He works for chicken feed. You can buy an old car for chicken feed. I won't do that kind of work for peanuts!
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If you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.

something that you say which means that only stupid people will work for you if you do not pay very much 'This company is full of incompetents!' 'Well, if you pay peanuts, you get monkeys.'
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for peanuts

and for chicken feed
mod. for practically no money at all. (see also chicken feed.) I won’t work for peanuts! They expect me to do all that for chicken feed.
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for chicken feed

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peanut head

n. an oaf; a nerd. You are so silly, Kim. You’re a real peanut head!
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n. practically no money at all; chicken feed. They want me to do everything, but they only pay peanuts.
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peanut gallery

A rowdy audience. The original peanut galleries were the cheapest, which is to say, the highest, seats in a theater or vaudeville house. Their patrons heckled and often threw peanuts (the least expensive items sold at the snack bar) at performers who didn't measure up to the audience's expectations. The most popular children's television show of the mid-20th century was Howdy Doody (Howdy, Mr. Bluster, Flub-A-Dub and other marionettes interacted with their human friends led by Buffalo Bob Smith and Clarabelle the Clown). The studio audience were children who sat in the Peanut Gallery and were encouraged to laugh, cheer, or boo at the show's riotous happenings.
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What to do: Until the Academy issues new guidelines, check with your doctor about when to feed peanut butter.
In 2000, the American Academy of Pediatrics released guidelines calling on parents to avoid giving peanut butter to babies who show any risk of allergy.
The study also excluded infants showing early strong signs of having already developed peanut allergy.
ISLAMABAD -- Dry roasted peanuts are more likely to trigger an allergy than raw peanuts, suggests a study.
Since 1990, global production of peanuts, also known as groundnuts, has nearly doubled, from 22 million to 40 million metric tons, according to the U.
All the kids were then given a peanut allergy test, and most of the kids (62 per cent) given peanut protein tolerated the equivalent of five peanuts, but none in the control group did.
4 PEANUTS have more protein, niacin, folate and phytosterols than any other nut.
But while Creamy & Crunchy is well written and at times very witty, it ultimately lacks the narrative drive to appeal to the casual reader, the scholarly heft to tempt the academic, and the shamelessness to attract those who are looking for scandalous gossip about George Washington Carver, the scientist-educator who has often been (wrongly) credited with the invention of peanut butter.
Will Lowery, a Clinton native and long-time candy maker, insists the key to light and fluffy peanut brittle is to use freshly shelled peanuts in the brittle, not pre-shelled.
Planters peanut butter is being targeted to adults.
They also measured various color values and any water activity changes in the peanut butter.
The researchers also found that vitamin E degradation was most rapid in oil obtained from lightly roasted peanuts and that oil from darker roasted peanuts had better vitamin E retention than oil from lightly roasted or even raw peanuts.
Engineer Hank Sheppard and research leader Marshall Lamb discovered that X-ray technology has proven to be a faster and more efficient alternative to manual peanut grading.
Louise McKerchar, European Marketing Director, The American Peanut Council, recommends the peanut diet to anyone hoping to lose weight: "A good diet is one that you can stick to because it's convenient, fills you up and allows you to eat the foods you like.
Health education consultant for the American Peanut Council Dr Andrew Craig said, "Research tells us that all nuts are extremely beneficial for health.