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It is full, rich and malty as one would hope, but with a delightful zinging topnote of peardrops and peachiness that softens into a magnificent plummy grandeur.
The slight peachiness of this very well-made Riesling slipped down gracefully alongside the cheeky savoury bite of the chicken dish, a bit like going out with a posh gymnast who also drinks Guinness.
I love Cosmic eye shadow, a warm yellow gold with Firespot eye shadow, gold pearl orange to give that peachiness she loves.
But if you're a tried-and-tested fan of powder versions, you can get a similar sheer look with Max Factor's Brush-On Satin Blush in English Rose, pounds 6, Red Earth's Illusive Blush in rosy Pink Blossom, pounds 12 from selected House of Fraser and Debenhams, or MAC's Sheertone Blush in Peachiness (lightweight peach), pounds 13.
Peachiness is underpinned here with good depth, cooked apple acidity and spiciness.